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Bird Buccaneers

  1. The Flewgitive Returns to CaptivityOur minutes of terror are finally over.
  2. Loose Peacock Terrorizes Upper East SideThe Flewgitive!
  3. There Are a Lot of People With Binoculars and Cameras at Coney Island Right NowThey’re waiting to see a seagull. No joke.
  4. Terrifying Turtle Stampede Delays Flights at JFKThis again?
  5. One Day, These Will Grow Up to Try to Eat the Yorkie Right Out of Your HandbagThe MTA released another round of photos of baby falcons on our bridges.
  6. Feathered Hussy Moves In on Pale MaleAnd Lola is nowhere to be found!
  7. Well, There Goes Sticky.Four hundred geese were rounded up and gassed last week in Prospect Park.
  8. Sticky Now Being Hunted by PaparazziIt’s only a matter of time before this Prospect Park goose is giving Barbara Walters an interview.
  9. Without Human Intervention, Sticky Removes Arrow From Own NeckDon’t question how he did it.
  10. Pigeon-Kidnapping Spree Hits New YorkSomeone noticed that the birds have been going missing.
  11. Humans Winning War on Geese!For NOW.
  12. Flock of Geese Tried to Take Down Newark Flight to ChinaLuckily, there were reporters aboard.
  13. Bird Generals Revisit Site of Hudson River VictoryA pair of eagles has been mysteriously hanging around the site of the Miracle on the Hudson landing.
  14. the avian menace
    Why Is This Goose Missing Most of Its Beak?Flock justice, we imagine.
  15. Mayor Bloomberg Attacked by Birds!Revenge for Goosenacht?
  16. Even Turtles Have Turned Against Us!Mourning the loss of thousands of Canadian geese, a pack of wild turtles occupied a runway at JFK today. (No, seriously.)
  17. Birds Counterattack After City-Sponsored SlaughterIt’s just like Obama says — if you punish suspects without a fair trial, you’re just going to breed more terrorism.
  18. Please Enjoy Your Two-Piece Chicken Meal, With a Side of HawkSometimes, blog posts come to you.
  19. Rounding Up of Flightless Accused Goose Terrorists BeginsDid we learn nothing from Guantánamo?
  20. Bird Terrorists Being Raised on Our Own Bridges!What will they think of next??
  21. City Hopes Birds Won’t Be Interested in Airport Garbage CenterWhere’s Sully when you need him?
  22. Bird-Strike Data Released: Nobody PanicBut you may never look at seagulls the same way again.
  23. Despite FAA’s Best Efforts, Bird-Strike Data to Be Made PublicScore one for the terrain-bound forces of good.
  24. Port Authority Yet Another Patsy of Bird Terror SyndicateTurns out that bird strikes are on the rise at New York’s airports, contrary to what the PA has been reporting.
  25. FAA in Cahoots With Bird Terrorists!The federal agency is trying to suppress all reports of successful avian attacks.
  26. Finally, We Are Winning the War on TerrorAccording to a report released today, nearly a third of U.S birds are endangered, threatened, or in “significant decline.”
  27. Mystery Object Took Down American Airlines Flight at JFKAnd reports are quick to tell us: It’s not what we think.
  28. Upper West Side Woman Sues Neighbor’s ChihuahuasBecause they are annoying.
  29. Birds Launched Multipronged Holiday AttacksThey’re getting desperate!
  30. Flight 1549 First Officer Surprisingly Naïve About Bird AttacksI’m sure they didn’t intend that,” he told Larry King. HA!
  31. The Smoking Feather!The terrorist birds who took down US Airways Flight 1549 left a calling card.
  32. Post Isolates Terrorist Birds’ Human AlliesTaxi drivers! We should have known!
  33. Bird Attackers Left Sinister CluesInvestigators examining the engines of US Airways Flight 1549 found a single, telltale feather left behind by the avian assailants.