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  1. advice
    Writing for the Awl Was the Best Mid-Career Decision I Ever MadeOn loving what you do, taking a pay cut, and developing Ask Polly.
  2. The Awl and the Hairpin’s Best Stories, Remembered by Their WritersWriters from the two influential blogs pick their favorite stories from the near-decade runs of the Awl and the Hairpin.
  3. first person
    What I Got Wrong About MisogynyFive years ago, I started writing about feminism for the Cut. I didn’t get how bad things were.
  4. Pam Anderson Wrote a Blog Post on Her Feelings About Julian AssangeShe called him “one of my favorite people.”
  5. jennifer lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence, People’s Hero, Writes About What to Do Now After Trump’s Win“We’re all allowed to be sad that the present isn’t what we thought it was. But we mustn’t be defeated.”
  6. jennifer lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence, People’s Hero, Writes About What to Do Now After Trump’s Win“We’re all allowed to be sad that the present isn’t what we thought it was. But we mustn’t be defeated.”
  7. blogs
    Your Cool Aunt Barbra Streisand Blogged About Donald Trump“When a politician ends almost every sentence with ‘believe me’ … don’t!”
  8. that writing life
    A $1 Billion Fashion Blog Shut Down and Apparently Isn’t Paying Its WritersMode Media had 144 million readers. Now it’s gone.
  9. blogs
    Jamie Lee Curtis Pens Blog About Addiction“This is what it sounds like when we all cry,” she writes, amid reports of Prince’s painkiller use.
  10. loub it up
    The Odious Blog of a #RichKid of Beverly HillsThe red soul of Boobs & Loubs. 
  11. cut chat room
    Can You Stop Your Mom From Commenting Online?The Cut discusses mommenters.
  12. kids these days
    Tavi Gevinson Is So Over Fashion (for Now)She’ll stick to Rookie, high school, and friends.
  13. Travel
    Stevo Dreams of SushiThe Hungry Hound’s Asian travels.
  14. Leftovers
    Hudson Clearwater Pops Up in Paris; Ryan Skeen’s 83 1/2 ClosesPlus: Budweiser to debut a new beer, and more in today’s leftovers.
  15. francophile
    James Franco Won Second Prize in a Blog CompetitionCongrats, James.
  16. Blogs
    FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver Used to Run a Burrito BlogPolitical blogger used to have a Chicago food blog.
  17. Visit Namesake Motors, a Blog That Pairs Up Cars With Their NamesakesBuckle up for some LOLs.
  18. You Should Be Reading Kanye Wes AndersonWhat’s next, a song? (Please be a song.)
  19. Blogs
    Rob Levitt on His Favorite Cuts; Plus Signing/Hog Butchering With Ruhlman Oct.Rob Levitt guest-blogs about meat at Ruhlman.com.
  20. Visit Pizza on Face, a Blog That Superimposes Pizza Onto Celebrity FacesMmm, Burt Reynolds!
  21. celebrity googly eyes
    Read a Blog Filled With Celebrity Googly EyesGolf claps, Internet.
  22. Mixologists
    New Video Blog Chronicles Mixologists At WorkNew cocktail vlog launches.
  23. Comedy Central Developing ‘Bad Advice From My Brother’ Blog Into a Show […]The system works! Bad Advice From My Brother, a blog started by Jordan Pope Roush in 2010 with the intention of drumming up enough of an […]
  24. Comic Steve Cronin’s Tips on the Delicate Art of Crowd WorkHere’s some good advice about crowd work from comic Steve Cronin. Print it out and discreetly pull it out of your pocket when you’re onstage […]
  25. the five-year engagement
    Visit the Wedding Blog of the Main Characters in The Five-Year EngagementThe Five-Year Engagement gets the ol’ “blog treatment.” You know, that treatment.
  26. Blogs
    New Filthy-Named Food Blog Launched By LTHForum VeteranChat site participant Kennyz starts iconoclastic food blog
  27. Mediavore
    ‘Morally Bankrupt’ Restaurant Blogger Can’t Get a Job; SnacksPlus: Fat people actually eat fewer meals than normal-weight folks; and world food demand will likely double by 2050, all in our morning news roundup.
  28. Visit MoustairA blog “where men meets moustaches meets hair meets moustaches meets hair.” Got that?
  29. clickables
    Visit the Fashimals BlogAnna Wintour as a hairless cat? Yep, makes sense.
  30. clickables
    Check Out Photo Blog Sad PlaywrightsSad face is real, y’all.
  31. clickables
    Visit Fun Blog ‘Mountain Goats Singing the Mountain Goats’Totes goats on the Goats.
  32. The Obama 2012 Campaign Tumblr Is HereFeel free to re-blog.
  33. Blogosphere
    Well, This is One Way to Deal With Those Pesky YelpersA new blog takes a genius approach to dealing with Yelper idiocy.
  34. clickables
    Read a Blog of the Weird Things People Say in Bookstores“I need a book on how to actually breathe underwater.”
  35. clickables
    Check Out This Awesome Dad’s 170 Costumes on Wave at the BusHis son is a good sport, too.
  36. clickables
    Check Out ‘The Burning House,’ a Beautiful Group Photo Blog“If your house was burning, what would you take with you?”
  37. Andrew Sullivan’s Departure Didn’t Hurt TheAtlantic.com’s TrafficEverybody wins.
  38. clickables
    Make Your Own Real-Life ‘Chicks With Steve Buscemi Eyes’ MaskDudes can play, too.
  39. clickables
    Read a Tumblr Dedicated to Old Computer Interfaces in MoviesAccess Main Computer File is not a virus.
  40. Hipster Runoff Calls It a DayI apologize to every one who I have hurt.”
  41. Edith Zimmerman Scores Monthly Column in New York Times MagazineYay Edith!
  42. Team Freakonomics Is Leaving the TimesIt’s not because of the paywall.
  43. Steve Krakauer Joins Piers Morgan TonightThe prolific Mediaite writer will be digital producer for the new CNN show.
  44. Mediavore
    Xiomara Chef Replaces Herself; HomeGirl, Boa, and Ford’s In At LAXThe Latin menu will change to more market-driven Cali cuisine, while a few local restaurants will expand top the airport.
  45. ABC Turning Awkward Family Photos Into a TV ShowMove over, blog-to-book deals. The new hot way to get rich from a jokey blog or Twitter account you made on your lunch break isn’t books, it’s […]
  46. Nora Ephron and Huffington Post to Take All the Fun Out of DivorceBoo!
  47. SNL For Serious: Every SNL Episode Recapped, In OrderSNL For Serious is a new Tumblr that aims to cover every single Saturday Night Live episode, in order. They’re basically taking a number of […]
  48. Mayhill Fowler’s Warning to Fellow ‘Citizen Journalists’In the end, what you are doing really is enhancing somebody else’s bottom line.”
  49. Mickey Kaus Debuts at Newsweek.comWhat works on the web seems to be some combination of reporting and opinion that’s personal, adversarial and introspective.”
  50. Chocolate Is Good for your Heart; Twitter is BoringThere are hundreds of chefs and food writers on Twitter, but most of their feeds are dull
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