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Check Out Adult Swim’s ‘Not a Blog’

Did you know that Mike Sacks, author of the much-loved And Here's the Kicker: Conversations with 21 Top Humor Writers on their Craft, is now the editor of Adult Swim's Not a Blog? Well, he is! And he's running fun things like today's Movie [...]

By Adam Frucci

Check Out the Bob’s Burger’s Season 2 Script Covers

The writers of Bob's Burgers have started a blog, and they're kicking things off by posting some script covers from season 2's table reads. I'm most excited for "Mutiny on the Windbreak." What about you?

By Hallie Cantor

The Increasing Necessity of Promoting Books and Comedy Albums Online

Jim Norton took to the red carpet of the Grammys to ask stars from Steve Martin to Adele to hold up his non-nominated 2011 standup album Despicable and related merchandise onstage. It's a pretty funny idea, and it highlights the fact that you [...]

By Hallie Cantor

The Onion Fools Another One, and This One’s in Congress

Another day, another Congressman thinking an Onion article is real. Fight the abortionplex, America! Call your congressperson (and ask if his refrigerator is running, 'cause that dude will fall for anything).

By Hallie Cantor

A Sonnet About Dan Harmon’s Latest Blog Post

I have long thought that the ultimate level of success would be to have people write sonnets about your stream-of-consciousness 2:30AM blog posts. So without further ado:

By Hallie Cantor