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  1. Businessweek Editor Taking Break to Focus on TVHe’ll “detach” for the rest of the year.
  2. wardrobe staples
    Why It’s Hard for Women to Give Up Basic Black PantsThey’re no longer cool, but they’re still easy.
  3. boys' clubs
    Men’s Answer to Leaning In: The Fraternity of Paternity“Men might actually be better at handling women’s issues than women,” writes Bloomberg Businessweek.
  4. NAACP Official Blasts Controversial Businessweek CoverIt’s racist and a mischaracterization.”
  5. Groupon
    There’s No Bribing This Maitre d’ With a Five-Spot, He’s Already a BillionaireAndrew Mason works FOH to be a better CEO.
  6. Media, These Are Your ‘Dudes’Adam Rapoport, Hugo Lindgren, and Josh Tyrangiel. That’s the best we can do.
  7. ‘Starting an Office Romance? Just Sign Here, and Here’Workplaces are doing anything they can to avoid problems from this classic trap.
  8. Devin Leonard to Bloomberg Businessweek, Johnnie Roberts to the Wrap, Mark Coatney Out at NewsweekMore media shuffling.
  9. Times Describes Boyish Businessweek Editor in Unusually Evocative MannerMr. Tyrangiel is 37, and, with his rosy cheeks and bright brown eyes, seems like he should be playing stickball in 1940s Brooklyn.”
  10. The New Bloomberg Businessweek: More Color, More Pages, and Soon, More Celebrity WritersWe got our hands on the newly relaunched business title.
  11. Before Redesign, More Cuts at Business WeekThirty people are expected to be laid off.
  12. ink-stained wretches
    Bloomberg Business Week Writers Now Banned From Calling Subjects ‘Sphincter Tightening’ Without AttributionSeems pretty reasonable. But way less fun!
  13. Business Week Lays Off 130That’s a third of its entire staff.
  14. Media Columnist Jon Fine Out at Business WeekHe went on a spectacular six-month sabbatical, and will not be invited back.
  15. Josh Tyrangiel to Business WeekThe online editor will take over Bloomberg LP’s latest acquisition.
  16. How to Buy Toxic Assets, and How Bloomberg Got a Bargain on Business WeekNot that the two are related.
  17. Bloomberg Buys BusinessWeekThe deal was for somewhere between $2 and $5 million in cash, with an agreement to assume liabilities
  18. Mort Zuckerman Finally Admits He’s After Business WeekHe’s up against some big contenders, though.
  19. Cuts at Women’s Day and Men’s JournalAnd yet, new magazines are churning out literally every day.
  20. 2008 Investment Guides Are HILARIOUSSure, some people saw the Wall Street crash coming — but most didn’t.
  21. NewsFeed
    New York Dining Is Not As Expensive As You ThinkNew Zagat stats indicate the average price of a meal here is up $2, but we’re still far from the most expensive city in the world.
  22. company town
    Some Lawyers Are SadLAW • Know a troubled lawyer? If you work in the law, you probably do — some estimates put the ratio of depressed attorneys at 20 percent — and a few new Websites are trying help them out. [Law Blog/WSJ, WSJ] • How not to get out of your marijuana arrest: When the judge lets you off easy, pull out a driver’s license covered in pot. [New York Law Journal] • So just how lame was Cadwalader’s Wild Wild West holiday party last night? Wildly. [Above the Law]