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Blue Ivy Carter

  1. iconic
    Of Course Blue Ivy Carter Is a Great Instagram PhotographerWhat can’t she do?
  2. bey watch
    Beyoncé’s Latest Couture Dress Is a Nod to Nubian WarriorsComplete with a massive gold train.
  3. iconic
    Blue Ivy Bid $19,000 on Art Last NightWhile wearing all gold everything.
  4. grammys 2018
    Wait, Did Blue Ivy Just Tell Beyoncé and Jay-Z to Calm Down?The exchange happened during Camila Cabello’s Grammys speech.
  5. Blue Ivy Freaking Nailed It at Her Ballet RecitalShe is Beyoncé’s daughter.
  6. adorable
    Blue Ivy Wore a Tiny $26,000 Gucci Dress to See Beauty and the BeastShe attended the premiere with her mom, Beyoncé.
  7. grammys 2017
    Blue Ivy Channeled Prince in Her Grammys LookA pink-jacket ode.
  8. blue ivy carter
    Kanye and Kim Kardashian Celebrated Blue Ivy’s Birthday with Beyoncé and Jay ZBecause Blue Ivy makes everything better.
  9. queen bey
    Beyoncé Got the Whole Family to Do a Tribute to Salt-N-Pepa for a Costume PartyBeyoncé and Blue Ivy wore matching custom jackets.
  10. playdates
    Kanye Says Blue Ivy and North West Have Never Had a PlaydateKanye West broke the news at a concert.
  11. hot shot
    Blue Ivy Wore an $11,000 Princess Dress to the VMAsDo not try to outdress the spawn of Beyoncé.
  12. blue ivy carter
    Blue Ivy’s Dance Recital Was the Hottest Ticket in TownThis very short clip of her dancing is giving us heart eyes.
  13. jacket points
    Apple and Blue Ivy Slay at the Super Bowl Oh, those jackets!
  14. See Blue Ivy’s Adorable Age-Appropriate StyleNo Kale sweatshirts or Yankee fitteds in her wardrobe, yet.
  15. blue ivy carter
    Blue Ivy Knows the Dance From ‘Chandelier’Or so claims her BFF Gwyneth Paltrow. 
  16. halloween costumes
    Iggy Azalea Totally Won Celebrity Halloween As Brittany From White ChicksAlso: Beyoncé as Janet Jackson and Kim Kardashian as Anna Wintour.
  17. blue ivy's baby book
    The Best Photos of Blue Ivy Carter at the VMAs The Carter to watch.
  18. we want to believe
    Beyoncé and Family Make Us Weep at the VMAsNot that that will stop rumors from swirling.
  19. tiny surfbort
    Is This Blue Ivy Carter Saying ‘Surfbort’? Oh my God, oh my God.
  20. first families
    Blue Ivy Carter Met Sunny ObamaThe takeaway from Michelle Obama’s 50th.
  21. fashion prodigy
    Ms. Blue Ivy Carter, Too Cool for Pre-SchoolA study in toddler swag.
  22. let's not talk about the holidays yet
    Will Jay-Z Be This Year’s Lady Gaga for Barneys?They’ve been holding “secret talks.”
  23. baby divas
    Look at Blue Ivy’s Baby Tom Ford HeelsOn Beyoncé’s feet!
  24. fancy hats
    Blue Ivy Carter Has Her Own Baby CrownWe repeat: baby crown.
  25. What’s Your Beyoncé Baby Name? Try the Babyoncé Name GeneratorColors and plant names, generated randomly.
  26. pregnancy rumors
    4 Imaginary Beyoncé Pregnancy-Announcement NotesC’mon, let us have our fun.
  27. i'm a i'm a a diva
    Beyoncé Really Is Pregnant, Says E!“Multiple sources confirm”!!!
  28. famous children
    Blue Ivy Gets Predictably Great Seats at Beyoncé ShowsLike, on the stage.
  29. famous children
    Look, It’s Two More Pictures of Blue Ivy Carter!She is cute!
  30. i'm a i'm a a diva
    Beyoncé in Vogue: Still Addressing Surrogacy Rumors“Who even thinks that?”
  31. babies
    And We Have Another Blue Ivy Carter Photo!She has feet!
  32. profile
    Solange Knowles: Singer, Producer, Blue Ivy BabysitterBeyoncé’s younger sister relishes going it alone.
  33. advice
    Meet Barack Obama, Childcare Expert to the Stars Blue Ivy Carter gets the best of everything. 
  34. kids these days
    Blue Ivy Is the Unknowing Owner of Very Fancy ShoesMade specially for her angelic feet by Ruthie Davis.
  35. cute things
    Beyoncé Updated Her Tumblr!Blue Ivy! Swings! Peppers.
  36. famous babies
    Here Is a New Picture of Blue Ivy Carter!Famous babies!
  37. babyonce
    Jay-Z Just Wants to Hang Out With Blue IvyDon’t we all?
  38. conspiracies
    Beyoncé Heard Your ‘Crazy’ Surrogate Conspiracy“It wasn’t hurtful, it was just crazy.”
  39. divas
    Like Mother, Like Daughter: Beyoncé & Blue Ivy’s Shoes MatchWell, sort of.
  40. Mediavore
    Breitbart’s Last Political Discussion Held at The Brentwood; SoCal ResidentsThe political pundit may have talked shop with a man he’d just met only 50 minutes before he was declared dead.
  41. loose threads
    Lady Gaga Launches ‘Born This Way’ Foundation; Adriana Lima’s Special SaladPlus, Kenzo collaborates with Delfina Delettrez, and more fashion news.
  42. loose threads
    K-Mid Judges Shoes; Richie Plots Lifestyle BrandPlus, Angelina Jolie’s new cover of Turkish Vogue.
  43. divas in training
    You Can’t See Blue Ivy in Blankets, But StillBecause it’s Blue Ivy, you know.
  44. music
    Beyoncé and Jay-Z Have Released Pictures of Blue IvyCuuuute.
  45. very important babies
    Beyoncé and Jay-Z Are Already Trademarking ‘Blue Ivy’B.I.C., TM.
  46. i'm a i'm a diva diva
    Beyoncé Left Her House Looking Great AGAINWearing SPARKLES.
  47. i'm a i'm a diva diva
    Look at Fabulous Post-Baby Beyoncé in Her Tight Red Dress!Mama, indeed.
  48. blue ivy carter
    See Jay-Z’s First Live Performance of ‘Glory’HOVA loves BEBE!
  49. blue ivy carter
    For Your Consideration: Oprah as Blue Ivy Carter’s GodmotherProbably untrue, but fun to imagine!
  50. blue ivy carter
    See a Lullaby Tribute to Blue IvyA song for Blue. But not “Blue.” That would just be weird.
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