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  1. Who Will Replace Tom Price at Health and Human Services?HHS Secretary Price embarrassed Donald Trump and went down the tubes. Finding a suitable replacement won’t be easy.
  2. Bobby Jindal May Be in the Cabinet of the Man He Called an ‘Egomaniacal Madman’He’s reportedly up for Health and Human Services Secretary.
  3. If Bobby Jindal Can Support Trump, Any Republican CanAn “egomaniacal madman” one day, the best choice for the most powerful office in the world the next.
  4. The Republican Party Must Answer for What It Did to Kansas and LouisianaThe GOP’s economic program just decimated two American states. Why haven’t the party’s presidential candidates been asked to account for that?
  5. Bobby Jindal: President Obama Caused Trump by Being Too Intellectual and MatureThanks, Obama.
  6. Democrat John Bel Edwards Defeats David Vitter in Louisiana Governor’s RaceVitter has also announced he will not run for reelection in the Senate.
  7. Bobby Jindal Drops Out of the 2016 RaceJim Gilmore, on the other hand, is still running.
  8. Vitter Campaign Goes All In on Refugee HysteriaTrailing badly, Vitter portrays his Democratic opponent as soft on Syrian orphans.
  9. Bobby Jindal Upset That Trump Is Stealing His ActHis demagoguery is distracting the voters from important things, like my demagoguery.”
  10. The Politics of Presidential DietingProving fitness is more important for male candidates than ever before. But the Iowa State Fair presents a conundrum.
  11. Bobby Jindal: If We’re Smearing Obama’s Patriotism Here, I Want InWhy won’t Giuliani come say crazy stuff at my events, candidate wonders.
  12. Bobby Jindal Shares Early Entry for Stupidest SOTU TweetWe’re pretty sure he knows how to spell you’re.
  13. Frank Rich on the National Circus: The GOP–Tea Party Merger Is CompleteThe Republican civil war is over. The tea partiers won.
  14. Republicans Warn of Secret Obamacare HereticsAnother healthy sign of intellectual vitality in the GOP.
  15. Bobby Jindal Will Take Away Your Insurance, and He’ll Enjoy Doing ItA merciless new presidential campaign takes shape.
  16. the national interest
    Bobby Jindal: Stupid, Party of OneEvery four years, Bobby Jindal implodes.
  17. Bobby Jindal Calls on GOP to ‘Stop Being the Stupid Party,’ Start Ignoring D.C.He’s vague on how they’ll do that.
  18. Jindal Endorses Over-the-Counter Birth ControlHe calls for “the end of birth-control politics.”
  19. Bobby Jindal Unclear on What Fiscal Cliff IsSeems like something a leading policy thinker ought to know.
  20. Republicans Really Wish That Mitt Romney Would Shut Up NowLast week’s “gifts” comment isn’t doing the party any favors.
  21. Republicans Now Find Romney’s ‘47 Percent’ Sentiments OffensiveIf only they’d realized the folly of “insulting voters” a few months ago.
  22. Jindal Says Romney’s Post-Election Analysis Is ‘Absolutely Wrong’This is not the GOP of a week ago.
  23. The GOP War on Big Bird ContinuesBobby Jindal doesn’t want the GOP to be the party of “big anything.”
  24. Everyone Spent the Day Arguing About Health CareEveryone on TV, anyway.
  25. Louisiana Elects Bobby Jindal to Second TermStill open to a VP pick?
  26. Rick Perry Will See Your Pawlenty and Raise You a JindalThe Louisiana governor lines up behind his neighbor.
  27. Bobby Jindal Wants Obama to Fail SometimesWhich times? Let’s take a look.
  28. Kenneth the Page Practices His SNL Bobby Jindal Routine for Jimmy FallonLuckily, we could watch this routine over and over.
  29. Why Chris Matthews Said ‘Oh, God’ When He Saw Bobby JindalHe swears it’s not because he knew what was coming next.
  30. What Was Up With Bobby Jindal Last Night?Or as he’s now known, Kenneth from ‘30 Rock.’
  31. Sarah Palin Not the Only Republican Readying for 2012?Mike Huckabee and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal are already planning trips to Iowa.
  32. McCain’s Potential Running Mates: A Who’s WhoIt’s easy enough to pinpoint exactly who this year’s Republican vice-presidential candidate should be — but Arnold Schwarzenegger is not eligible for the post.