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Bomb Threats

  1. crime
    CNN Anchors Evacuated Mid-Broadcast Amid Bomb ThreatCNN’s headquarters have been evacuated after a pipe bomb was discovered in their mail room.
  2. Israeli Police Arrest Teen for Allegedly Making Bomb Threats to Jewish CentersThe suspect is believed to be behind many of the threats in the U.S. and abroad.
  3. NYPD: One Person Likely Behind Most of the Threats Against Jewish InstitutionsPolice say the person is likely using a spoofer device, which makes it seem as if the threat is coming from the inside.
  4. Maybe the Media Shouldn’t Cover Every Single Hate-Crime ThreatIn an age in which any idiot can issue an anonymous threat, the current approach is just asking for copycat acts.
  5. Bomb Threat Forces American Airlines Passengers to Evacuate at JFK AirportTraveling on the Sunday after Thanksgiving is always stressful, but the people of Flight 67 had an especially tough time.
  6. Some Monster Called in a Bomb Threat at Sandy Hook Elementary SchoolPeople are the worst.
  7. Flight Delayed at JFK Over Twitter Bomb ThreatNo explosives were found.
  8. Harvard Student Charged With Bomb Hoax to Evade FinalsAnd he would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling technicians!
  9. weddings!
    How Not to Get Out of Getting MarriedIf you need to resort to bomb threats to tell your partner you messed up, it probably wasn’t meant to be.
  10. Plane Flying From New York to Moscow Lands in Iceland After Bomb Threat A fake bomb threat, it seems. 
  11. Secret Service Understandably Touchy About Bomb Threat Against MobamaWho knew the agents don’t like jokes about taking out the First Family?
  12. Serial Bomb Threats Bugging University of PittsburghThere have been dozens since February.
  13. There Was a Bomb Scare at Anti-Tax Crusader Grover Norquist’s Office This MorningThe debt-ceiling brouhaha is officially past the civil phase.
  14. Bronx Teacher Sets Good Example With Fake Bomb ThreatNobody was hurt and the kids got some fresh air on a nice day. Win-win?