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Boston Celtics

  1. Knicks Win First Playoff Series in Nearly Thirteen YearsWHEW, right?
  2. Knicks Lose Again. Time To Get Scared.Back to Boston, with shades of 2004?
  3. the sports section
    Knicks Can’t Finish Off Sweep of CelticsThe Knicks lose to the Celtics, and we’ll play again on Wednesday.
  4. Knicks Smash Celtics to Take 3-0 Series LeadThe Knicks just wiped out the Celtics.
  5. No, Twitter, Knicks Fans Were Not Chanting ‘Yankees Suck’ Last NightIt’s KG who sucks, not the Yankees.
  6. The Knicks Knock the Celtics Around AgainThe Knicks take a 2-0 series lead over the Celtics.
  7. ‘Must-Win’ Is Losing All MeaningThanks to people like Carmelo Anthony and Jeff Green. 
  8. Knicks Beat Celtics to Take 1-0 Playoff LeadThe Knicks get their second playoff win in twelve years.
  9. The Knicks Finally, FINALLY Beat the CelticsTake that, Garnett.
  10. Kevin Garnett, Lost NBA SoulCarmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett meet again tonight.
  11. loose threads
    The Times Debates Bryant Park; MADE Opens in ParisPlus, Blake Lively covers Marie Claire U.K.
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    Watch a Guy Freak Out to Bon Jovi at a Celtics GameOr, an unlikely mashing of jazz hands and the heavy-metal claw.
  13. Mediavore
    Celtics Challenge Waltham Dunkin’ Donuts Customers; AK-47 Attack at RoxburyPlus: Gordon Ramsay has pest trouble, and debating the merits of biodynamic wine, all in our morning news roundup.
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    Celtics Perform Awesome Locker-Room Dance to Waka Flocka FlamePlease enjoy Paul Pierce’s directorial debut.
  15. Los Angeles Lakers Win Second Straight ChampionshipKobe earns his fifth championship ring.
  16. Homesick for The Hub
    Where to Order Larry Bird Grilled Chicken in L.A.A Boston-themed bar unites Celtics fans together in L.A.
  17. movies
    Watch Chris Rock Get Ignored by Kobe BryantWith a bonus chewing out from Lakers coach Phil Jackson.
  18. We Now Live in a World in Which Stephon Marbury Is a Playoff HeroYes, that Stephon Marbury.
  19. Stephon Marbury May Redeem Himself Going to the CelticsCould poor Knicks fans watch from a safe distance as Marbury sabotages another team?
  20. We Cannot Thank Eli Manning EnoughAs we face a Celtics championship, we look fondly toward Eli Manning — do you realize what sort of three-sport Masshole championship insanity he saved us from?
  21. Brooke Shields Shares the Love on ‘Lipstick’Lipstick Jungle may top Cashmere Mafia because Jungle star Brooke Shields is nicer to her castmates than Mafia star Lucy Liu is to hers. Details editor Dan Peres says he’s going crazy and putting on weight because wife Sarah Wynter is pregnant. Kid Rock paid a busboy at Southern Hospitality $1,000 after he returned a $200,000 watch found on the floor of the bathroom that belonged to a Rock posse member. Val Kilmer was spotted running around town with Chad Lowe’s girlfriend, Kim Painter. Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce refused to use his credit card at Tenjune and left to go find a club where he could use cash. Donald Trump is hosting a Celebrity Apprentice party at Tenjune during Fashion Week. Uma Thurman and boyfriend Arpad Busson were all over each other at lunch at Lever House.