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  1. Tar Balls Hit Texas CoastMeanwhile, BP still making money from government contracts.
  2. UCB’s Oil-Spill Spoof Video Makes BP Sad“It makes their shoulders go down.”
  3. BP to Experience Most Annoying Payback EverWith vuvuzelas.
  4. U.S. Accepting International Help in Spill CleanupTwenty two countries will assist in the effort.
  5. Bill Clinton Says Blowing Up BP Well ‘May Become Necessary’Let’s just fix the problem,” he advises.
  6. Mediavore
    Schools Can Curb Childhood Obesity; FDA Considers Genetically-Altered SalmonPlus Top Chef star Stefan Richter on Entourage, and Chef Susan Spicer initiates class-action suit against BP, all in our morning news roundup.
  7. Tropical Storm Alex May or May Not Disrupt the BP CleanupThe Coast Guard is keeping his fingers crossed, but hedging his bets.
  8. Shockingly, BP Not Likely to Reward Tony Hayward With Golden Parachute on ExitThis seems like a no-brainer, but not so.
  9. Great News for Joe Barton, BP, DemocratsThe GOP lets BP’s favorite congressman stay in leadership post.
  10. Meet BP’s New Gulf Boss, Less British Than BP’s Old Gulf BossRobert Dudley takes over for Tony Hayward in the Gulf today.
  11. Last-Ditch Deepwater Oil-Spill Guards Poorly Tested, Frequently IneffectiveA ‘Times’ investigation looks into the failed “blind shear.”
  12. Inside a Halfhearted Obama ShakedownYou call this a shakedown, Obama?
  13. goldman sachs
    Goldman Sachs Exhibits Impeccable Timing in Dumping BP StockDecision came from former BP chairman.
  14. BP Doc: A Lot More Oil Than Previously Estimated Could Be LeakingUp to 4 million gallons a day, in fact.
  15. Rahm Emanuel Won’t Let an Oil Spill Go to WasteThe oil spill is getting partisan. Of course.
  16. Louisiana Legislators Pray for the Oil Spill to Clean Itself UpThus far, efforts made by mortals have been to no avail.”
  17. Rand Paul Knows ‘What a Pile On Feels Like’And, thus, he has sympathy for piled-on BP sympathizer Joe Barton.
  18. BP CEO Tony Hayward Gets His Life Back With a Yacht RaceCertainly you can plug an oil spill remotely from a yacht race. Why not?
  19. Jon Stewart Calls Joe Barton a ‘Disdainful Asshole’I don’t like you!”
  20. Why Is Everyone Picking on Joe Barton?Maybe because the man made the mistake of saying something stupid on video.
  21. The Hurt Is Just Beginning for BPTotal legal costs could top $60 billion.
  22. BP Chairman Apologizes for ‘Small People’ GaffeI spoke clumsily,” he says.
  23. New RNC Ad Criticizes Obama for Golfing Instead of Meeting With BP‘What Took So Long?” released same day president meets with company.
  24. People Upset That Swedish BP Chairman Doesn’t Speak Perfect, Fluent EnglishHow dare he care about the “small people.”
  25. Heilemann: Why Obama’s Rhetoric Wasn’t the Point This TimeIt’s the follow-through, not the rhetoric, that counts this time.
  26. BP Will Set Aside $20 Billion for Trust FundA victory for President Obama as he meets with BP officials today.
  27. Once Again, Government Estimates Well Is Leaking Even More Oil Than Previously ThoughtNow it’s guessed to be about 2.5 million gallons a day, or the amount of the entire Exxon Valdez spill every four days.
  28. Obama Pledges to Fight for ‘As Long As It Takes,’ Says BP Will Be Held ResponsiblePresident also advocates clean energy in Oval Office address.
  29. Louisiana Congressman Takes BP Bashing a Bit Too FarBP America chairman should kill himself, Anh “Joseph” Cao suggests.
  30. Giving BP the BounceA naked bike ride this weekend provided another chance to take a swing at BP.
  31. Bloomberg: BP Exec ‘Didn’t Exactly Blow Up the Well’; Pelosi: ‘BP Is Not Paying’The president will address the oil spill in a televised statement on Tuesday.
  32. England and U.S. Face Off in an Oil-Related Phone Call and a World Cup Match TodayTensions are higher than usual with our neighbors across the pond.
  33. Obama Notes That ‘Six Months Ago,’ Few Really Wanted Him to ‘Spend Money in Case of a Catastrophic Oil Spill’Put those pointing fingers down, Congress.
  34. tv
    See There Will Be Bell, a Timely Video Mash-UpAnother life lesson from ‘Saved by the Bell.’
  35. Mayor Bloomberg Defends Villains Du JourLeave Tony Hayward and the Empire State Building alone!
  36. Oil Leak Even Worse Than Initially EstimatedThe equivalent of one Exxon Valdez disaster occurred every eight to ten days.
  37. tv
    See What Happens When BP Spills Coffee on a Conference TableDevastation that not even clumps of hair can absorb.
  38. BP Does Not Want You to See This PhotoMedia access to spill sites is being stifled by BP and even the government.
  39. Underwater Plumes of Oil Stretching 50 Miles From WellAn invisible danger!
  40. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jon Stewart Knows Whose Ass Obama Should KickPlus, Stephen Colbert looks at another nineties rap-video conspiracy theory the president’s flack might have to deal with this summer, on our regular late-night roundup.
  41. Obama to Visit Gulf Next Week; Sarah Palin Offers AdviceGive me a call,” she writes.
  42. The Real Cost of the Gulf Oil SpillChristmas tables will be fishless, ladies will be left unimpressed.
  43. President Obama Walks a Tightrope of Anger With BPObama would fire BP CEO Tony Hayward, but he won’t yell at him.
  44. Obama Talking to Experts to Determine ‘Whose Ass to Kick’I was down there a month ago, before most of these talking heads were even paying attention to the Gulf.”
  45. Oil-Spill Cleanup Effort Could Last ‘Well Into the Fall’Latest attempt has resulted in some progress.
  46. Slowly and Cautiously, the BP Cleanup Continues; Meanwhile, Pelican Life Is ThreatenedCNN points out that the ocean was even worse off in 1991.
  47. Spill Cap Has Started Collecting Some, But Not Much, OilThe cap is capturing only about 1,000 barrels of the 20,000 barrels the earth is ejecting each day.
  48. U.S. Government Delivers $69 Million Bill to BPAnd this is just the first payment.
  49. Oil-Spill Pipe Successfully SnippedThis is a “significant step” forward, according to the Coast Guard.
  50. Guess What? They Haven’t Stopped the Oil YetThe latest news from the Gulf.
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