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  1. apologies
    Vogue Brazil’s Fashion Director Resigns After Throwing Party That Evoked SlaveryDonata Meirelles apologized for the party, which critics said had a “slave and master” theme.
  2. life after warming
    Could One Man Single-Handedly Ruin the Planet?Brazil’s new president Jair Bolsonaro isn’t just a threat to Brazilian democracy. His war on the Amazon rainforest endangers the world.
  3. the national interest
    Conservatives Admire Brazil’s Strongman and Compare Him to Trump. Gulp.Is Jair Bolsonaro a preview of America’s future?
  4. global politics
    Bolsonaro’s Victory in Brazil Should Feel Worryingly Familiar to AmericansThe rise of Brazil’s Trumpian president-elect is more extreme reflection of our own politics — and a cautionary tale for the U.S.
  5. global tech
    WhatsApp Says It’s Too Late to Stop Far-Right Fake News in BrazilFake news stories spread like wildfire on messaging service WhatsApp — and there’s no easy way to stop it.
  6. brazil
    Brazil’s Trump Cruises to Win in First Round of Presidential ElectionsJair Bolsonaro, a far-right firebrand, faces a runoff on October 28.
  7. crime
    Presidential Candidate Jair Bolsonaro, ‘Brazil’s Donald Trump,’ Is StabbedThe wound “was superficial and he is well,” Bolsonaro’s son said in a tweet.
  8. domestic violence
    Horrific Video of Man Beating His Wife Goes Viral in BrazilFootage of the gruesome moments before and after Tatiane Spitzner fell to her death have sparked a nationwide movement.
  9. explainers
    How Brazil Went From Neoliberal Success Story to Political Chaos in 10 YearsAnd what that tells us about Robert Mueller and Donald Trump.
  10. Did You Catch the Brazil Reference in The Last Jedi?Bureaucracy calls, even in a galaxy far, far away.
  11. Hanging in the Babylonests With Hélio OiticicaPre-Instagram pretty boys lounge.
  12. bad vibes
    Brazil’s President Moved Out of the Presidential Palace Because of ‘Ghosts’Bad vibes, man.
  13. climate change
    Bad Weather Now Set on Ruining Even Cheap CoffeeProblems with rain in Brazil and Vietnam are raising the price of robusta beans used in instant coffee.
  14. High Numbers of Brazilian Women Are Avoiding Pregnancy Due to Zika FearsA new study confirms that it’s a social trend.
  15. the chain gang
    The Most Popular Restaurant in the Olympic Village Is … McDonald’sAthletes say the line has stretched farther than a football field.
  16. The Worst Predictions About Rio Haven’t Come TrueThe “disaster” Olympics that weren’t.
  17. Brazil Lawmakers Vote to Put Suspended President Dilma Rousseff on TrialBrazil’s political crisis enters its semifinal heat.
  18. aww
    Cerullo’s Girlfriend Proposed at the OlympicsWe’re not crying — you’re crying.
  19. 2016 olympics
    Gisele Bündchen Wins Gold in the Long-Distance CatwalkShe does it well, but …
  20. 2016 olympics
    How Real Is the Danger of Zika in Rio?Perhaps we should be talking about diarrhea instead.
  21. How Real Is the Danger of Zika in Rio?Perhaps we should be talking about diarrhea instead.
  22. Gambling on the Olympics Is Legal in Vegas for the First Time in a Long TimeYou can definitely place a bet on basketball. Racewalking? That might be a problem.
  23. The Disaster OlympicsWhy everyone is bracing for the worst in Rio de Janeiro.
  24. Athletes Are Refusing to Stay in the Olympic VillageRemember Sochi?
  25. sports
    Watch the Olympics 2016 Theme Song Music VideoSports! Brazil! Good Times!
  26. cheat sheets
    Everything You Need to Know About Today’s Louis Vuitton Cruise ShowSpace-suit dresses and a leather boombox.
  27. international intrigue
    Brazil Reels As the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics ApproachesBrazil’s Senate voted to impeach Dilma Rousseff, as the country struggles with everything from a deep recession to the Zika virus. 
  28. women in politics
    The Campaign to Impeach Brazil’s President Is Viciously SexistDouble standards and offensive memes abound.
  29. international intrigue
    Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff Loses Crucial Impeachment VoteThe vote now goes to the Senate.
  30. international intrigue
    Rio de Janeiro Governor Calls State Finances ‘Tragic’Rio is suffering one of the worst recessions in decades.
  31. Who Brought Zika to the West?The hunt for patient zero finds the outbreak started a year earlier than thought.
  32. select all
    Facebook Exec Arrested and Released in Brazil Over Encrypted WhatsApp MessagesLegal fights over encryption come to Brazil.
  33. How Brazil’s Gleeful Dark Humor Helps It CopeBad news can be, oddly, good news for the Brazilian internet and its armies of online comedians.
  34. tomorrow
    Welcome to the Age of Robot AnimalsAre mosquito soldiers the answer to the Zika virus?
  35. NYU Ethicist: Zika Virus Should Defer Olympics“It just makes more sense.”
  36. women helping women
    How One Brazilian Doctor Connected Zika to Birth DefectsAdriana Melo didn’t even have research funding when she made a discovery heard around the world.
  37. Activists Post Racist Tweets to Billboards in Twitter Users’ NeighborhoodsThere’s no “retrieve the author’s location and post this message as a billboard in his neighborhood” button on Twitter (yet). If there were, would we use it?
  38. Brazil’s Newest Viral Couple Is This Student and Her PotatoEssena O’Neill warned us about this.
  39. new faces of things
    Transgender Model Lea T on Beauty and Acceptance“People accept you easily if you look beautiful or if you have money.”
  40. that took balls
    It’s Time to Give Women’s Soccer the Support It Deserves“This is a conversation about the global women’s game we’ve been having for over 20 years.”
  41. that took balls
    Male Official Says Women’s Soccer Is Popular Because Players Are Prettier NowBrazil’s head of women’s soccer thanks shorter shorts for the new interest in the sport.
  42. Openings
    Brigadeiro BakeryA Brazilian bakery is opening in Soho.
  43. cannibalism
    Brazilian Cannibals on Trial for Making Pastries Out of Women In the name of religion, of course.
  44. Awful Things
    Entire Family Gets Paralyzed After Feasting on Deadly Pufferfish by MistakeFugu is apparently as dangerous as everyone says, and doesn’t have to be served raw and in Japan by a careless sushi chef to mess you up.
  45. look of the day
    Rihanna Had the Most Fun at the World Cup She wore a neck tattoo and flashed the audience.
  46. the sports section
    GIF Recap: The Netherlands Ends Brazil’s Nightmare World CupAt least it wasn’t as bad as the last game.
  47. ink-stained wretches
    The Saddest Newspaper Front Pages in Brazil After Their World Cup EmbarrassmentO major fiasco da história.
  48. the internet
    All the Nazi Jokes During Germany vs. BrazilA brutal first half leads to some brutal one-liners.
  49. the sports section
    GIF Recap: Germany Stuns Brazil 7–1 to Advance to the World Cup FinalThe second semifinal is tomorrow.
  50. male gaze
    Turns Out Prince Harry Is an Agile Soccer GoalieHis Brazil tour has involved many athletics.
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