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  1. legacies
    The Story Behind The Get Down’s Kung Fu Connection“If it wasn’t for Hong Kong cinema, hip-hop street dancing culture would be a bit different.”
  2. dance
    Lil Buck and Benjamin MillepiedBuck and Ben do Bach!
  3. justin theroux
    Watch Justin Theroux Break-danceNot even kidding.
  4. clickables
    Watch a Break-dancing Santa’s Fantastic Sidewalk ShowYou go, Santa.
  5. It’s a Bronx B-Girl vs. Brooklyn B-Girl Rumble!A fight has erupted among girl break-dancing gangs. Or is it squads? Whatever, we’re old.
  6. tube junkie
    First They Came for the Hot-Dog Eaters, and We Did Not Speak Out Because We Are Not Gluttonous. Then They Came for the Break-dancers …