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Favre Headed for Trouble?

The five-minute stretch that Jets fans are talking about this morning — that span where everything in the AFC East changed — might not be the five-minute stretch that matters most for the Jets this year.

By Will Leitch

Jets Fans’ Great Shame

Peter King doesn’t think you like Brett Favre, or at least not enough.

By Joe DeLessio

The People Most Grateful to Favre

Anyone who has watched a Jets game over the last few seasons had to enjoy seeing a pass go more than twenty yards without wobbling like a dying quail.

By Will Leitch

Favre Cools the Jets

Once the Jets admitted they’d talked to Favre’s agent, their season was doomed.

Eli Manning Wins One for the Geeks

The main story line going into the Giants-Packers NFC Championship Game at Lambeau Field revolved around Eli Manning: Had he really turned the corner during the final game of the regular season against the Patriots, or was his solid — even superlative — postseason play thus far merely a tease?

Lost in all that was the fact that Manning’s opponent under center had also turned his own corner this year. After breaking the all-time interception record last year, Brett Favre led the Packers to their best season in years by finally learning how to not be a hero — that is, play within himself and resist the moon-shot interceptions that have plagued his whole career.