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  1. brexit
    May Faces Cabinet Mutiny As Brexit Deal Breaks DownIf the U.K. prime minister couldn’t sell her own Brexit secretary on the divorce deal with the E.U., how will she ever sell it to Parliament?
  2. brexit
    May Has Sold a Brexit Deal to the E.U. (But Not to the U.K.)The British prime minister just reached a divorce agreement with Brussels — and her partners in London are already in revolt.
  3. the top line
    The Dollar Keeps Getting Stronger. Here’s What That Means for You.It’s a feel-good story for the moment. But beware if current trends continue.
  4. naked capitalism
    We’re Headed for a Brexit CrashoutWe’re on a path to the worst sort of Brexit: no plan, no transition period, and a U.K. financial crisis for which we’re totally unprepared.
  5. Jeremy Corbyn Says Theresa May Is Blowing Brexit for ManufacturersIn a speech, he promoted an economic nationalist view of trade — a position that puts him at odds with many of his voters.
  6. Theresa May Rejects Idea of Second Brexit ReferendumThe prime minister is trying to fend off challenges from multiple factions in her government.
  7. Theresa May Says Trump Told Her to Sue the European Union over BrexitThis is probably not a practical piece of advice.
  8. In Wild Interview, Trump Says May Blew Brexit and Immigrants Ruined EuropeThe president just made a series of diplomatically disastrous — and borderline white nationalist — remarks to a British tabloid.
  9. The Brexit Crisis Finally Engulfs the Party That Started ItDavid Cameron’s hubristic Brexit referendum was always bound to end with a disaster for the Tories – and Theresa May appears powerless to stop it.
  10. Boris Johnson Quits U.K. Government in Blow to Brexit, Theresa MayHe’s the second hard-line Brexiteer to flee May’s cabinet as she attempts to thread the needle on withdrawal from the E.U.
  11. Top Brexit Officials Resign in Blow to Theresa MayThe man negotiating the U.K.’s departure from the E.U. quit over May’s plan for a “soft Brexit,” sparking a crisis that threatens her premiership.
  12. The Other Russia Collusion Scandal Is Breaking Wide OpenPutin appears to have funneled millions to support the Brexit vote, just like Trump’s election. His British partner’s cover story is falling apart.
  13. Britain Has a Russia Collusion Scandal Now. It Looks Exactly Like Trump’s.Lies, secret meetings with Russians, covert financing, social-media bots. Putin did the same thing in Brexit as he did with Trump.
  14. Top Brexit Backer Passed Trump Transition Team Info to RussiansA trove of leaked emails have exposed the extensive Russian ties of two top Brexit supporters in the U.K. who later threw their weight behind Trump.
  15. Andrew Sullivan: Is the World Done With Liberal Democracy?Elites see the rise of “strongmen” like Trump as a detour, but Italy’s election is yet another sign that populist nationalism is here to stay.
  16. Theresa May’s Brexit ‘Breakthrough’ Is a Declaration of SurrenderTurns out a bad deal is, in fact, better than no deal.
  17. Jitters Rise in Europe As Merkel Can’t Form GovernmentIf Angela Merkel can no longer govern Germany, how can Germany govern the EU?
  18. Here’s a Crazy Thought: Why Not Just Give Up on Brexit?Prime Minister Theresa May only has bad options at this point. But sacrificing her job for her country is the best among them.
  19. Theresa May Could Be Out of Power Very SoonIt’s been a catastrophic stretch for the British prime minister.
  20. As Brexit Talks Begin, the U.K. Has Few Cards to PlayTheresa May’s government is low on goodwill from the U.K. public, and the European Union.
  21. last night on late night
    John Oliver Has an Unconventional Suggestion for the Brexit NegotiationsIt involves Lord Buckethead, the intergalactic space lord who ran to unseat Theresa May.
  22. U.K. Shocker: Exit Poll, Early Results Say Tories Will Lose Their MajorityDefying expectations, Theresa May did not buttress her majority and Labour did not fall apart under Jeremy Corbyn. Either could wind up in power.
  23. British Election Surprisingly Competitive As Tories Stumble and Labour Doesn’tTheresa May figured a snap election would strengthen her hand in Brexit talks. But the Tory lead is shrinking and Jeremy Corbyn’s doing well.
  24. brexiting
    Harry Styles Has Some Rational Thoughts on BrexitAnd he’s happy to share them.
  25. harry styles
    Harry Styles Has Some Thoughts on BrexitAnd he’s happy to share them.
  26. European Union Delivers Very, Very Expensive Brexit Bill to BritainThings are already tense between the bloc and Britain, and formal negotiations have not quite yet begun.
  27. British PM May Calls Snap Election to Consolidate Her PowerThe Tory leader saw a chance to increase her majority and strengthen her hand with her own party, with Europe, and with Scotland — and took it.
  28. you brexit you buy it
    England Could Introduce ‘Barista Visas’ to Keep Cafés Fully Staffed After BrexitThe government’s Home Office reportedly calls it “a good idea.”
  29. brexiting
    Michael Caine Has an Interesting Analogy for Why He Was in Favor of Brexit“I’d rather be a poor master than a rich servant.”
  30. Britain Hits the European Union With Divorce PapersNow, the U.K. has two years to reach a new deal with the E.U. — before high tariffs kick in and suffocate the British economy.
  31. It’s Official: The United Kingdom Will Trigger ‘Brexit’ Next WeekLet the negotiations begin.
  32. Scotland Wants Another Vote for Independence Before BrexitA majority of Scots voted to remain in the EU — now they may try to leave the U.K. in order to do so.
  33. British Parliament Votes in Favor of Bill to Trigger BrexitPrime Minister Theresa May is one step closer to meeting her March 2017 deadline.
  34. politics
    The Woman Known as ‘Brexit-Wrecker’ Has Suffered Months of Online AbuseGina Miller won a court battle that could change the way Brexit is carried out.
  35. Parliament Has to Make ‘Brexit’ Official, Says the United Kingdom Supreme CourtPrime Minister Theresa May’s government has said this will not delay the March 31 timetable for triggering Article 50.
  36. Prime Minister Theresa May Backs ‘Brexit,’ Lays Out Course“Let me be clear,” she declared. “What I am proposing cannot mean remaining in the single market.”
  37. you brexit you buy it
    Jamie Oliver Claims Brexit Is Forcing Him to Close 6 Failing RestaurantsBut not everybody buys the connection.
  38. party chat
    Jeremy Irons Calls Brexit and Trump Votes ‘A Cry for Help’“Unregulated capitalism is like unregulated water: It will drown you.”
  39. fear of a trump presidency
    This Is the Reason People Are Wearing Safety Pins After the ElectionA small but potent gesture.
  40. A Twist in the Brexit PlansA top British court rules that the government has to get approval from Parliament before triggering Brexit.
  41. London Is Already Feeling the Post-Brexit FalloutThe impact on 16 Londoners, from a ceramicist who’s worried about international art fairs to a city worker whose retirement plans have been killed.
  42. The Pound Takes a Pounding in Midnight Flash CrashThe British currency fell 6 percent in two minutes. Was it an aberration or a sign of volatility to come as the threat of a “Hard Brexit” grows?
  43. Leading Pro-Brexit Politician Hospitalized After Fight with Member of Own Party“It’s not very grown up. What’s happened is not good.”
  44. sly fox
    Coach Creative Director Subtly Roasts Brexit, Donald Trump“I hope America continues to open its doors to outsiders like me.”
  45. money in the bank
    Serena Williams’s Wimbledon Prize Is About $380,000 Less, Thanks to BrexitBlame it on the lowered value of the pound.
  46. David Cameron Was Caught Singing to Himself After Moving Up His Resignation*doo doooo doo doo*
  47. Teen Photog Brooklyn Beckham Shoots for BurberryHow far he’s come.
  48. David Cameron to Resign Wednesday, Theresa May to Be Next U.K. Prime MinisterEnergy Minister Andrea Leadsom has dropped out of the Tory leadership race, allowing the home secretary to assume office on Wednesday.
  49. Brexit Is Already Hurting England’s Restaurant BusinessFrantic restaurateurs are screaming, “Buy the Bordeaux! Buy the Bordeaux!”
  50. Brexit Could Trigger the Next Financial Crisis — in ItalyItalian banks are sitting on a pile of bad loans. Brexit just tossed a match on that pile. If the fire spreads, it could produce an economic and political crisis.
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