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  1. Farage Resigns, Achieved Dream of Ruining U.K.He wants his “life back,” so Britons can find someone else to pick up the pieces.
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    Lindsay Lohan Is Writing a Book About ‘How to Overcome Obstacles’“I hope that my words will connect with those who need some guidance when [or] if they are in a tough place.”
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    Lindsay Lohan Is Writing a Book About ‘How to Overcome Obstacles’“I hope that my words will connect with those who need some guidance when [or] if they are in a tough place.”
  4. How Brexit Threw the Labour Party Into Crisis — and What’s NextMPs voted overwhelmingly against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a “no confidence” vote. But so far he’s refusing to step down. 
  5. Boris Johnson Brexit But Won’t Buy itThe former London mayor who led the “Leave” campaign will not seek to replace David Cameron as the U.K.’s next prime minister.
  6. Now Britain’s Labour Party Is Also Descending Into a Leadership CrisisLeader Jeremy Corbyn just lost a no-confidence vote from his peers in Parliament.
  7. Angela Merkel Suggests EU Doesn’t Want to Be U.K.’s Friend With BenefitsWhoever wants to leave this family cannot expect to have no more obligations but to keep the privileges,” the German chancellor said, ahead of an EU meeting in Brussels.
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    Sam Bee Offers U.S. Sliver of Hope Post-BrexitAmerica is not Britain!
  9. David Cameron Rules Out Brexit RematchThe outgoing prime minister says there will be no second referendum. The markets are not pleased.
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    John Oliver Warns Us ‘Brexit’ Could Happen Here“And when it does, there won’t be any f*cking do-overs.”
  11. Brexit Sparks Coup Attempt, Resignations, and ‘Utter Chaos’ in U.K. PoliticsThe Conservative and Labour parties decide it’s a great time for a leadership crisis.
  12. The A-Z of Brexit: A Guide to Britain’s New PoliticsU is for Unbrexit. 
  13. No, the Brexit Doesn’t Mean Trump Will Win, But It’s Still an Important WarningThe U.S. and U.K. electorates have been primed by many of the same anxieties, and the anti-Trump elite better pay attention.
  14. Many in the UK Are Clamoring for a Brexit Do-OverAnd more than 140,000 Londoners now want out of the UK, but neither is likely at this point.
  15. A Brexit Boom for BillionairesGeorge Soros and other speculators may have cashed in on the market chaos Friday.
  16. Here Is a Long-Awaited Statement From Rita OraFinally.
  17. Why the British Left Isn’t Talking About ImmigrationLabour is far more dependent than the Democrats on the white working class, where resentment of immigrants is high.
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    Relax: The Brexit Won’t Affect F*cking Game of ThronesWinter is still coming, whether Northern Ireland is in the EU or not.
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    British Fashion Designers Are Not Happy About BrexitIt could have some drawbacks for the country’s fashion industry.
  20. The (American) Idiot’s Guide to BrexitHere’s everything you need to know about the British referendum that could reshape the future of the world’s largest economy.
  21. What to Expect When You’re Expecting Brexit A guide to the fallout from Britain’s historic decision to begin divorce proceedings with the European Union.
  22. Brexit: Britain’s Middle Finger to the WorldIn the U.K., emotion triumphed over reason, and Britons hurt not only themselves but everyone else. 
  23. Donald Trump’s Reaction to Brexit Will Surprise Exactly NobodyHe thinks it’s a “great thing.”
  24. Brexit Has Scrambled the British Political System — and Given Trump a ModelThe PM has resigned, and the Labour leader is facing a no-confidence vote. It’s a fine mess!
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    British Celebrities Are Not Happy About Brexit“I don’t think I’ve ever wanted magic more.”
  26. ‘What Happens if We Leave the EU’ Searches Spiked in U.K. After VoteHey, Google? Can you please tell me what the heck is happening in my country? Thanks!
  27. British Prime Minister David Cameron Steps Down Following Brexit VoteCameron said the country requires “fresh leadership” to negotiate its divorce from the EU.
  28. Britain Votes to Leave the European UnionBrexit is complete, and global markets are tanking in response.
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    Lindsay Lohan Really Cares About The Brexit“Thank goodness we have pure hearted people [on] our side.”
  30. Daniel Radcliffe: ‘Brexit Is Really Scary’ “C’mon, guys, let’s stick together.”
  31. Boris Johnson Could Be Next U.K. Prime MinisterLondon’s former mayor has a colorful past.
  32. How Donald Trump Explains ‘Brexit’The same forces tearing at Great Britain before its big EU vote helped give rise to the GOP candidate. 
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    J.K. Rowling Writes Anti-Brexit Essay“The tales we have been told during this referendum have been uglier than any I can remember in my lifetime.”
  34. Don’t Say John Oliver Didn’t Warn You About The BrexitIf Great Britain decides to stay in the EU, it might as well ask for an update to its national anthem.
  35. The Assassination of MP Jo Cox Has Intensified Britain’s Political CrisisHer suspected killer said his name was “death to traitors, freedom for Britain,” in a court appearance on Saturday, but how the tragedy will influence next week’s Brexit vote remains unclear.
  36. Obama to UK: Don’t Brexit. UK to Obama: Piss OffLondon mayor Boris Johnson suggested that the “part-Kenyan” president’s position might be motivated by an “ancestral dislike of the British empire.”
  37. Will the Brussels Attacks Tip the Brexit Scales?Probably not, since the referendum may have more to do with horse meat than with terrorism.