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  1. niche drama
    Scandale! Competitive Bridge Walloped by Doping AdmissionThe reigning bridge champion has admitted to taking testosterone and a fertility drug.
  2. if it aint hobroken...
    PATH-Weary Jersey City Wants to Build a Pedestrian Bridge to ManhattanJersey by foot!
  3. Phillip Alder Says Good-bye to His New York Times Bridge ColumnA Q&A with the person who has been writing about the card game for the Times since 2005. 
  4. best bets
    Best Bet: Bridge Paper Shredder For those looking to disappear the occasional hard-copy bill, canceled check, and other identity-thief bait
  5. white men with money
    Being Good at Chess May or May Not Make You RichHedge funds are the new chess club.
  6. billionaires they're just like us
    When It Comes to His Bridge Game, Warren Buffett Can Be a Little Flaky“Tell them I have a business meeting.”
  7. Your Guide to This Week’s Six Unsnobby Art FairsArt-world snobbery gets shelved this week, as six art fairs opening around town tonight or tomorrow make an economy-inspired effort to be democratic and welcoming.