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  1. Bridgegate ‘Mastermind’ David Wildstein Escapes Jail TimeDavid Wildstein, who was the star witness for the prosecution of former Christie aides, is sentenced to three years probation for the traffic scheme.
  2. Former Christie Associates Sentenced to Prison Time in Bridgegate ScandalBill Baroni will serve a 24-month term; Bridget Anne Kelly was sentenced to 18 months.
  3. Jared Kushner Thought Bridgegate Was ‘Badass’He gave the mastermind behind the plot an attaboy in a recently reported email.
  4. Chris Christie Nixes Trump Campaign Stops After Bridgegate VerdictThe New Jersey governor and head of Trump’s transition team is apparently laying low the weekend before Election Day.
  5. After the Bridgegate Verdict, Chris Christie Comes Off As the Guiltiest of AllHe may not have been on trial, but the verdict almost assuredly ends his political career for good.
  6. Former Christie Allies Found Guilty on All Counts in Bridgegate TrialBridget Anne Kelly, Christie’s former deputy chief of staff, and Bill Baroni, a Christie appointee at the Port Authority.
  7. The Bridgegate Trial Has Destroyed What Was Left of Christie’s ReputationThat doesn’t necessarily mean the defendants will be acquitted, though.
  8. Chris Christie Will Appear in Court Over BridgegateA citizen’s complaint resulted in a summons that’s bringing Christie in front of the judge.
  9. Bridgegate Trial: Wildstein Is a Flawed Accuser, But His Story Never WaveredThe defense painted the key witness as a habitual liar, but he’s been consistent about the plot he concocted.
  10. The Moment Chris Christie Allegedly Learned About Bridgegate“I remember the quote: ‘The governor is going to love this,’” David Wildstein testified in court Tuesday.
  11. Bridgegate Trial: How Wildstein Orchestrated His Most Ambitious Political SchemeThe prosecution’s star witness details the plot he concocted, and who, he says, was in on it.
  12. The Mastermind of Bridgegate Takes the StandChristie’s “bad cop,” David Wildstein, on career opportunities and the “dead-to-me gene.”
  13. Trump Stands by Christie Despite Alleged Knowledge of Bridge ClosingsEven if Christie knew, Trump doesn’t care.
  14. Bridgegate Opening Statements: Chris Christie KnewGovernment prosecutors and multiple defendants all point fingers at the governor.
  15. The Former High School Classmate Who Could Take Chris Christie DownDavid Wildstein, Bridgegate, and the trial that could wreck the governor for good.
  16. Judge Rules That Names of Bridgegate Co-conspirators Must Be ReleasedA consortium of news organizations went to court to force the disclosure of the names.
  17. Chris Christie Considers Himself a Scandal Role ModelIf only Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama managed crises as well as he handled Bridgegate.
  18. United Airlines Executives Resign Amid Bridgegate-Related Corruption ProbeThey allegedly kept an unprofitable flight to transport the Port Authority chairman to his vacation home.
  19. Two Former Christie Aides Plead Not Guilty to Bridgegate ChargesThe trial for Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni is set for July 7.
  20. Former Port Authority Official Pleads Guilty to Bridgegate ChargesGeorge Washington Bridge lanes were shut down to punish the mayor of Fort Lee.
  21. NBC Is Sorry for Suggesting Chris Christie Had Nothing to Do With BridgegateThe investigation is “very much ongoing.”
  22. Bridgegate II: Chris Christie Has Another Big Bridge ProblemOne investigation leads to another.
  23. Chris Christie on Bridgegate Scandal: ‘You’ll Get Over It’He assured GOP donors they have nothing to fear.
  24. Former Christie Aide Recalls Efforts to Win Over Fort Lee’s MayorSupposedly, the mayor wasn’t on Christie’s “radar.”
  25. Ex-Aide Says That Chris Christie Lied to the Press About Bridgegate Knowledge Or “misspoke,” as Bill Stepien’s lawyer put it.
  26. 9/11 Museum Ceremony Narrowly Avoided Chris Christie JokeNot the time.
  27. Bridgegate Has Cost the Christie Campaign $314,000 So FarOr more than it has in the bank.
  28. Port Authority Commissioner Resigns Amid ProbesHe had an epiphany at his grandson’s 13th birthday party.
  29. Judge Rules That Bridgegate Aides Don’t Have to Turn Over DocumentsCiting their right to avoid self-incrimination. 
  30. Watch Chris Christie Get Very Touchy While Joy Behar Roasts HimThe New Jersey governor is trying to have a sense of humor, but it’s tough.
  31. David Wildstein Talking to Federal Prosecutors in Bridgegate InvestigationNot good news for Chris Christie.
  32. Chris Christie Spokesperson Bails for Scott BrownCan you blame him?
  33. Chris Christie, Bouncing Back, Refuses to Play ‘Dodgeball’ With ReportersThe governor is back to his combative press conferences.
  34. Chris Christie Bridgegate Report Slammed As SexistBridget Ann Kelly, stuck under the bus and “emotional.”
  35. Chris Christie Says He Lost Sleep, Appetite Over BridgegateThe governor’s first TV interview is with Diane Sawyer.
  36. The Juiciest Parts of Chris Christie’s Bridge-Scandal ReportIt exonerates the governor, but was also commissioned by him.
  37. jesus christie
    Christie Had Nothing to Do With Bridgegate, According to Christie’s LawyersIf they’re wrong, we’ll know soon enough.
  38. Christie Addresses Bridgegate After BromanceThe New Jersey governor once again addresses Bridgegate after a little bromance.
  39. Why Chris Christie Needs to Come Out of HidingIgnoring the media won’t work for the scandal-plagued governor.
  40. Feds Withdraw Port Authority Chairman SubpoenaHis name pops up in multiple Christie scandals.
  41. Chris Christie’s Scandal Crosses the HudsonManhattan’s federal prosecutors have subpoenaed records related to Port Authority chairman David Samson.
  42. Adorable Chris Christie Still Thinks He and Springsteen Can Be FriendsNot likely.
  43. Christie’s Other Childhood Friend Gave Tour of Fort Lee Traffic JamThe cop coached Christie’s son in hockey.
  44. Christie: ‘I Had Nothing to Do With’ BridgegateBut it’s still confusing.
  45. Subpoenaed Christie Staffer ResignsThis is just a “natural time” to step down.
  46. Christie’s Democratic ‘Ally’ Talks BridgegateThe governor’s fatal flaw? He lacks an “off switch.”
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    Olympic Gold Medalist Claims Christie Tried to Intimidate HimChristie allegedly urged him not to run for state Senate.
  48. Americans Get to Know Christie, Decide They Don’t Like HimHis unfavorability ratings jumped after Bridgegate.
  49. jesus christie
    Hoboken Mayor: Threat Was ‘Direct Message’ From ChristieShe says she was afraid no one would believe her.
  50. Cuomo Dances His Way Across the High Ground on BridgegateThe New York governor was nimble in keeping his distance from New Jersey’s expanding political mess.
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