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  1. Holly Hunter Is Keeping It RealThe Oscar-winning actress on aging in Hollywood, returning to TV, and the latest act of her “durable” career.
  2. Spring Is the Best Season for Rom-ComsBroadcast News. Notting Hill. All those teen movies with prom scenes. Are you really going to argue with this?
  3. Why Holly Hunter’s Performance in Broadcast News Resonates 30 Years LaterOne of the greatest rom-coms of all time is especially fascinating to rewatch in 2017, thanks to its powerhouse of a female lead.
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    Big Brother 16 Twist Revealed: The Show Will (Finally) Be Seen in HDThe CBS reality staple had been the network’s sole standard-definition stalwart.
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    Meet Larry Garrison, Tabloid Fixer: The Man Behind the ‘Golden Age of Dead-White-Girl Television’“I have people in Aruba who can look for the body. You didn’t give out the location, did you?”
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    From Now On, Newscasters Will Have To Be More Than Pretty and LiterateThey may have to actually be talented.