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  1. Will Brooke Astor’s Grandson Crash His Father’s Funeral? Philip Marshall was the first person to accuse his father of looting Astor’s estate.
  2. Anthony Marshall Died Brooke Astor’s sticky-fingered son was 90 years old.
  3. Brooke Astor’s Son Is Out on Medical ParoleThe state found him too sick to “present any danger to society.”
  4. Brooke Astor’s Son Is Already Eligible for Release From PrisonHe’s too sick to do time.
  5. Brooke Astor’s Son Is Finally Going to Prison For looting his mother’s $185 million fortune.
  6. Brooke Astor and the Case of the Abandoned Bank AccountsIt looks like there’s still some long-forgotten Astor money to be had. 
  7. loose threads
    Tom and Gisele Are ‘Very Affectionate’Plus, Emma Watson covers T magazine.
  8. Brooke Astor Estate Battle SettledThe fight over the late philanthropist’s will is finally ending.
  9. You Can Buy Brooke Astor’s ‘Dog Pictures’ at Sotheby’sDon’t all rush at once!
  10. Now, for Just $5,740, You Can Learn to Be a ManservantMeat tenderizer is good for blood stains in cotton.”
  11. Brooke Astor’s Dachsunds Won’t Go Through the Doggy DoorIs this a surprise, really?
  12. Anthony Marshall’s Guilty Verdict Will Not Be Thrown OutBrooke Astor’s son just lost one of his Get Out of Jail Free cards.
  13. Brooke Astor’s Park Avenue Palace Discounted Yet AgainNow it’s only $24.9 million!
  14. Flip-flopping Astor Trial Juror Could Give Anthony Marshall Another ChanceYes, he’s 85. But his mother lived to 105, so he needs a lot more chances!
  15. Astor Lawyer DisbarredFrancis Morrissey, who helped Anthony Marshall convince his mother to change her will, was disbarred.
  16. Anthony Marshall May Never Have to Spend a Night in JailAnd almost certainly not one to three years.
  17. photo op
    This 85-Year-Old Man Is Headed to the SlammerAnthony Marshall gets one to three years.
  18. Charlene Marshall on Anthony: ‘I Don’t Know If He’s Going to Make It’ to SentencingBrooke Astor’s much-reviled daughter-in-law fears her ailing husband is not strong enough to make it to sentencing, let alone prison.
  19. Adam Lambert Acts Out Because He’s a Former Fat KidIs that why he falls down, too?
  20. Anthony Marshall Hopes to Avoid Jail Time Because He Handled His Mother’s Money So WellRemember, this is the guy who was convicted of swindling his mother out of her money.
  21. Astor Jurors Sympathized With Man They Found GuiltyAs horrible as the Astor trial looked from the outside, it was worse on the inside.
  22. Anthony Marshall Owes Lawyers Millions, Son Says Charlene is the Real VillainAnthony and Charlene Marshall owe their lawyers up to 11 million; Philip Marshall says Charlene is the one who should go to jail.
  23. The Astor Trial: What Happens Now?Who gets the money?
  24. No Verdict Anytime Soon in Astor TrialIn fact, the jury is just about “at each other’s throats.”
  25. Frances Kiernan: In the Bathroom With Charlene MarshallWhile reaching for the paper towels, Brooke Astor’s biographer and daughter-in-law have a moment.
  26. Astor Trial Closing Remarks Leave Anthony Marshall Quaking in His SeatAssistant District Attorney Joel Seidemann’s rhetoric against the octogenarian was scathing, and damning.
  27. Anthony Marshall Loved His MomDuring the final arguments of the Astor trial, defense lawyers make an inarguable point.
  28. Anthony Marshall Will Not Be Calling Any Witnesses in Astor TrialWhat’s left to be said?
  29. Times Reporters Wish Astor Trial Would Just Die AlreadyMuch like the woman at the center of it, the Astor trial has had a life longer than anyone could have reasonably expected.”
  30. Brooke Astor’s Will Signature Was Probably Definitely FakedSo says an expert in court.
  31. Not Even 9/11 Could Stop Brooke Astor From Her Appointed LunchOr a handful of other old preppy people, for that matter.
  32. Yeah, Brooke Astor Was Crazy… on the dance floor!
  33. Brooke Astor: ‘Rich People No Better Than Poor People’According to a nurse’s testimony, the aging matriarch couldn’t sleep over fears her son was trying to kill her — but was also lucid enough to issue some sage advice.
  34. Something Else Awful Happened at the Astor TrialAgain, it involves the bathroom.
  35. Anthony Marshall Is Sick AgainThis time, it seems, his brain remains un-bruised.
  36. Some Old Rich People Understand IronyAnd some don’t.
  37. To Al Roker, Charlene Marshall Is ‘That Friend’You know, that friend who always thinks the two of you are closer than you actually are.
  38. Brooke Astor Traumatized Henry KissingerToday at the Astor trial, the former secretary of State told the story of his undoing at the hands of the famous socialite.
  39. Astor Trial Now Literally a Battle Over PoopDon’t worry, it’s only the dachshund kind.
  40. Brooke Astor Trial Now Just About Faux Pas With CelebritiesBut, to be fair, they are really AWESOME ones.
  41. Natalie Portman Did Not Hook Up With Sean PennYou can all sleep again.
  42. Charlene Marshall Complained About Brooke Astor’s LongevityShe is killing him. She’s f—– killing him,” Astor’s daughter-in-law ranted in 2001, according to a witness. “If [Anthony Marshall] dies before I do, I get nothing.”
  43. Brooke Astor Had Breakfast in Bed Every DayAlso, she used to claim, Bill Clinton liked to hit on her.
  44. Annette de la Renta Felt Very Comfortable Accepting Jewels From Brooke AstorEven though she herself testified that the aging doyenne was mentally infirm at the time she gave them.
  45. Brooke Astor Said Daughter-in-law Was a BitchFile this under “When Wasps stop being polite, and start getting real.”
  46. Astor Son ‘Literally Pulled His Mother Out of the Arms of Her Nurse’Amazingly, the Astor trial gets uglier.
  47. Rachel McAdams and Josh Lucas Made Out During DinnerBut hopefully not with food in their mouths. Plus, Michael Lewis has a small penis, and other gossip in our daily roundup.
  48. The Greatest Hits from the Astor Inheritance Case Jury PollDo you have any attitudes, positive or negative, toward people of great wealth that would affect your ability to be a fair and impartial juror in this case?”
  49. Citigroup Posts $2.5 Billion LossA lot of big news at the banks today — but there’s also crazy stuff going down with Jeff Zucker, Dan Rather, Brooke Astor (from beyond!), and Barack Obama, in our daily industry roundup.
  50. Chairman Cox Bans Naked Short-SellingHeh. Naked short selling. Sounds like something a frat boy would do, right? Well … it sort of is. Read all about the SEC’s bold move to crack down on market manipulators and more, in our daily roundup of finance, media, law, and real-estate news.
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