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  1. Meet the Future Voice of the Brooklyn Nets. Maybe.He (and it was mostly guys) could have been among the 175 hopefuls that showed up for open auditions at the Barclays Center on Tuesday.
  2. r.i.p.
    Notorious B.I.G. Honored by the Brooklyn Nets 20 Years After His DeathPuff Daddy, Faith Evans, and others remembered the rapper, who died 20 years ago.
  3. Hanging Out in Brooklyn With Jeremy Lin, 4 Years After LinsanityThe borough’s newest resident has become a Net and a Marvel superhero.
  4. First Out Gay NBA Player RetiresJason Collins came out in April 2013.
  5. Prokhorov Looking to Cash Out on Brooklyn NetsThe Russian billionaire made a smart investment.
  6. Skeleton Wearing Brooklyn Nets Hat Poses in Prospect ParkKevin Garnett?
  7. RIP, BrooklyKnight, the Nets’ Terrible (and Terribly Creepy) Pun-Based MascotThe team has thankfully “decided to go in a different direction.”
  8. The Brooklyn Nets Found a New Coach AlreadyJason who?
  9. A Sports-Obsession Expert Gives His Psychological Survival Tips to Nets FansHow to keep everything in perspective.
  10. look of the day
    Rihanna Wore a Camo Crop-Top SuitWith high-tops and suspenders.
  11. Leitch: Collins and Sam Are Heroes, ForefathersThe next step is the emergence of a true gay superstar.
  12. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Jason Collins, the First Openly Gay NBA PlayerHe was signed by the Brooklyn Nets last night.
  13. See Jason Collins Become the NBA’s First Openly Gay PlayerThe crowd gave him a standing ovation.
  14. The NBA’s First Openly Gay Player Is Coming to BrooklynThe Nets have signed Jason Collins to a ten-day contract.
  15. Beard Trims and More Will Soon Be Available at Brooklyn’s Barclays CenterThanks to GQ!
  16. Brook Lopez Out for Season With Broken FootHe broke his foot again. 
  17. Paul McCartney Desperately Wanted That Free T-shirtHe almost had it!
  18. The Knicks Destroyed the Nets Last Night, and Things Got HeatedScuffles! Ejections! Alleged Italian-speaking!
  19. Knicks vs. Nets: Who Is the Bigger Disaster?This is a close one. 
  20. The Knicks and Nets Will Co-host the 2015 NBA All-Star GameGet along, you two. 
  21. Metta World Peace Vaguely Aware of These So-Called ‘Brooklyn Nets’Honestly, I don’t even know who’s on their team.”
  22. NBA Clears Brooklyn Nets of Russian Stereotype Mikhail Prokhorov just got lucky, it seems. 
  23. New Brooklyn Nets Way Happier Than New Boston CelticsThe photo evidence. 
  24. Newest Brooklyn Net Is Allowed to Cheat on His Wife Once a YearIs also good at basketball.
  25. The Nets Season Is OverThat’s the way it goes down.
  26. Nets Survive Bulls to Force Game SevenGame seven on Saturday night.
  27. Nets Beat Bulls to Force Game SixYep, there was a game.
  28. The Nets Blow Game Four to BullsThe Nets are in serious trouble.
  29. The Nets Lose to Bulls, Look HorribleThe Nets fall behind 2-1 in their series with the Bulls.
  30. The Nets Just Destroyed the BullsSo the Nets looked good.
  31. NBA Playoff Preview: What’s at Stake?The playoffs begin Saturday.
  32. The Nets Are Losing Their Jay-Z Bragging RightsHe’s selling his shares to become an agent.
  33. Can the Nets or Knicks Really Get Josh Smith?Do they really want him?
  34. Your Knicks and Nets Second-Half PreviewThe stretch run begins tonight.
  35. The Nets Are Crazy If They Don’t Still Want Dwight HowardThe Nets now DON’T want to trade for Dwight Howard. They’re nuts.
  36. The Nets Have Almost Caught Up With the KnicksThey’re just one game back.
  37. Mayor Bloomberg Will Lead New York to Basketball Supremacy (Via Photoshop)At least in Jimmy Fallon’s fantasy world.
  38. encounters
    Meet the Brooklynettes: The NBA’s Edgiest Dance TeamBlood, sweat, abs, and mascara at Brooklyn’s new Barclays Center.
  39. Patrick Stewart Peeved by Barclays Traffic, Pumped About the Brooklyn NetsHe might even get season tickets.
  40. See Proof That the Brooklyn Nets Cheerleaders Were Inspired by CluelessAs if!
  41. love and basketball
    Brooklynettes Promise to Be Fascinating, BouncyThe six-member cheer team for the Brooklyn Nets wears little, dances a lot.
  42. USA Today: The ‘NBA Nets’ Brought Brooklyn BackIt’s about time.
  43. Post Goes Racist on Jay-Z’s Brooklyn NetsWhy the Brooklyn Nets when they can be the New York N——s?”
  44. Appellate Court Rebukes State Agency for Backing Atlantic YardsA ten-year estimated build time was “arbitrary and capricious.”
  45. Pay Dirt • With impeccable timing he would likely disavow, Governor Spitzer made his first judicial appointment yesterday — picking Theodore T. Jones Jr., an African-American judge from Brooklyn, for the Court of Appeals (the highest in our state’s counterintuitive hierarchy). Jones, by the way, is the guy who threw Roger Toussaint in jail after the transit strike. [NYT] • We knew that if we stuck with the story of the Joseph Bruno probe, it would eventually get interesting. Pay dirt! The state GOP leader had hung out at Rachel’s, a West Palm Beach strip club, on his businessman friend’s dime. Dear Feds: More of this and less murky real-estate deals, please. [NYDN] • Speaking of: Real-estate data is infinitely malleable, but here’s an upbeat nugget that’s hard to misinterpret — property values in New York City rose 19 percent in 2006. That, if you still want to talk about a “cooldown,” is double the gain of 2005. The bad news: Taxes will jump in July. [Newsday] • Scientists are struggling to rescue dolphins stranded in shallow waters near East Hampton; four cetaceans have died and fifth was “euthanized.” Long Island has been reporting bizarre dolphin behavior all month long, triggered by the freakishly mild winter (coming, by the way, to a bitter end with tomorrow’s cold snap). [amNY] • And, not so fast, Jay-Z: While Beyoncé’s mom is already sewing Nets’ uniforms, the team may first end up in Newark. Mayor Cory Booker is making a play for the franchise, offering to house it temporarily until its New Jersey contract runs out. In other news, Frank Gehry unveiled plans for “Miss Newark.” [NYP]