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  1. Andrew Sullivan: The Assault on MuellerWe’ve learned a new and sickening thing this month: GOP tribalism demands that the special counsel be aggressively smeared.
  2. Natural Selection Made Us Anxious. Meditation Can Help.An evolutionary psychologist’s take on Buddhism.
  3. buddhism
    The Problem With Headspace and All Those Mindfulness AdsSpiritual materialism.
  4. shopping scandals
    Buddhist Monks Are Having a Louis Vuitton Scandal“When Lord Buddha was alive, there wasn’t anything like this.”
  5. Frippery
    Buddhist Crustacean Liberation Makes Lobstermen See RedExpect lobster prices to ceremoniously rise.
  6. Menu Changes
    David Chang Eats His VeggiesFurther evidence that meat-centric chefs are going vegivore?
  7. Brit Hume Needs to Learn What the Word ‘Proselytize’ MeansBecause repeatedly telling Tiger Woods he should convert to Christianity is not, as he claims, proselytizing.
  8. Foodievents
    Buddhist Delight?Does enlightenment lie in turnip soup and soybean jelly?
  9. Robert ‘Uma’s Dad’ Thurman Fantasizes About Being Breast-fed by Dick CheneyIn a Q&A with the ‘Times,’ we learn about a very disturbing meditation technique.
  10. news reel
    Russell Simmons’s Crazy Koans