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Budget Cuts

  1. If Trump Keeps Threatening Government Shutdown, Democrats Will Have Some OptionsNow that the president has put a government shutdown squarely on the table, Democrats must decide if they want a deal, or just a Trump defeat.
  2. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Explains the $2 Trillion Math Error in Trump’s Budget“There’s a simple explanation of how this happened.”
  3. Trump’s Cuts to AIDS-Treatment Programs Would Kill 1 Million, Researchers SayAmerica saves one million lives for every $1 billion it spends on HIV treatment. But Trump would rather invest that money in a border wall.
  4. Another Government Shutdown Crisis Seems to Be ApproachingBefore GOP can “move on” to tax reform, it must deal with the real risk of an internal revolt against the current budget.
  5. last night on late night
    Sam Bee Thinks Trump’s ‘Hard-Power’ Budget is Overcompensating for Something“This kind of sounds like when an insecure guy tries to make his penis look bigger by shaving down everything else around it.”
  6. last night on late night
    Colbert Report’s Colbert Took Over Late Show for ‘The Werd’ on Trump’s BudgetStephen Colbert’s conservative alter ego had thoughts about the budget cuts.
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    Donald Trump Proposes Eliminating National Endowment for the ArtsHe also wants to do away with key funding for PBS.
  8. The City Is Cutting Back, Including on Police and Education BudgetsA little now, a lot later.
  9. Cuomo and Public Employees Union Can’t Make a DealSo 3,500 state workers are getting laid off.
  10. Talk Box: Rand Paul Stays Vague About Spending Cuts, Gets Testy With SpitzerPaul to Spitzer: “Your personal agenda is getting in the way of you being a very effective broadcaster.”
  11. Health-Care Ad Doesn’t Aim for SubtletyOpponents liken Paterson’s budget cuts to a giant, angry lizard beast.
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    Television Networks Reach the Crisis Point: No More Fancy Craft-Service Tables!What’s next to go? Will hair and makeup artists be replaced by trainees from Bo Rics?
  13. Paterson Brings a World of Hurt Upon HimselfHis budget-cut proposals came out today, and everyone is sharpening their knives — for him.
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    How Will NBC Cut $500 Million?Vulture has obtained a confidential NBC pie chart with the details on the network’s upcoming budget cuts.