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Built Ford Tough

  1. The Real Reason Harold Ford Nixed His RunHe couldn’t find any voter groups he was confident would vote for him.
  2. built ford tough
    Ford Drops Out of Senate Race“I refuse to do anything that would help Republicans win a Senate seat in New York,” he writes.
  3. Can Harold Ford Jr. Overcome His Bad First Impression?It may be an uphill battle, one smart expert in first impressions says.
  4. Ford Made Same Amount at Merrill in Good Times and BadHe was guaranteed $2 million a year, according to the ‘Times.’
  5. New York Gays Are Rude to Harold Ford Jr.Ford talks to the a gay-rights group, and the gay-rights group yells back.
  6. Harold Ford Jr. Is a Rogue TwittererHis own spokeswoman didn’t realize Ford was tweeting.
  7. Will Gays Help Harold Ford Jr. Make His Decision?Only eleven more days!
  8. Harold Ford Jr. Now Under Even Greater Threat of Going HungryThe man is basically an indigent at this point.
  9. Harold Ford Jr. Is Accused of Misrepresenting His Wife, by His WifeShe’s not exactly his director of research, or overly excited about his campaign.
  10. Will Harold Ford Jr.’s Religion-Heavy 2006 Campaign Unsettle New Yorkers?The former Tennessean isn’t Bible-thumping so much this time around, and for good reason.
  11. Harold Ford Shifts on Something Else.TIME. Oooooohh.
  12. Don’t Believe Report: Harold Ford Knows Where He LivesOne block, 30 blocks. Whatever.
  13. Harold Ford Jr. Wants to Raise Taxes?That’s what he told Cindy Adams, for some reason.
  14. Guess What? Harold Ford Jr. Is Probably Going to Run for SenateAn insider pegs the chances at 80 percent. No kidding.
  15. Harold Ford Jr. Knows How to Fix The Democratic PartyBy making it more the GOP.
  16. Harold Ford Jr. Announces Candidacy ... by AccidentThe non-candidate slips up while campaigning at a diner in Rockland County.
  17. built ford tough
    For the Next 30 Days, Harold Ford Jr. Is Not an Evil BankerFord takes a leave of absence from Merill Lynch so he can focus on “listening.”
  18. Harold Ford Talks About His PedicuresIt isn’t about vanity. It’s about athletes’ foot.
  19. New Yorkers Not Overwhelmed by Either Ford or GillibrandBut if forced to choose, they’ll pick Gillibrand, for now.
  20. Is Harold Ford’s Potential Candidacy Revenge for a Broken Heart?This could explain everything.
  21. Harold Ford Teaches a Lesson on How Not to Be PopulistLesson one: Do not reference helicopters.
  22. Harold Ford Jr. Takes His Case Directly to the PeopleDespite increasing hostility to his run, Ford pushes forward with an op-ed today.