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  1. bummers
    We Regret to Inform You That Cary Elwes Won’t Be in the Psych Movie SequelMore like Pierre Despernoooooo.
  2. bummers
    Influential Chef Peter Hoffman Will Leave the Restaurant BusinessHe will close his last restaurant, Back Forty West, after July 16.
  3. bummers
    The Country’s First Uterus Transplant Is No MoreThe transplant failed on Tuesday and the organ had to be removed.
  4. Bummers
    The Pope’s Visit Was Actually a Financial Disaster for Restaurants“This affected business worse than Hurricane Sandy.”
  5. bummers
    1950 Time Capsule Opened to Reveal Literal Garbage WaterExciting!
  6. cancellations
    Malala’s Book Party Canceled in PakistanShe was not even RSVP’ed.
  7. bummers
    Scandal Will Have Only 18 Episodes This SeasonInstead of 22.
  8. Spurs, Timberwolves Game in Mexico City Gets Smoked OutBummer.
  9. poetry corner
    Instagram Tells Lady Gaga Not to Be Such a BummerLady Gaga’s sad poetry earns her an e-mail about “safety information” from Instagram. 
  10. bummers
    Study: College Bad for Women’s Self-EsteemAt least Boston College is.
  11. bummers
    Testing Company Pretty Much Ruins Summer for High Schoolers in ChelseaBy losing their Regent exam results and making them retake the test.
  12. bummers
    Bus Ride From Atlantic City Gets Even WorseThanks to a crazy person.
  13. bummers
    Final Day of the Great GoogaMooga Called Off Over RainAnd concerns about “safety and prevention of damage to the park grounds.”
  14. bummers
    Thanks to Sequester, This Year’s Fleet Week Is Going to SuckUnless you hate Fleet Week.
  15. bummers
    Political Animals Is Officially Not Coming BackSurprise, no; bummer, yes.
  16. bummers
    Britain Opposes EU Law to Put Women in BoardroomsAlong with eight other countries. 
  17. bummers
    Sorry, the R. Kelly Cruise Isn’t HappeningNothing gold can stay.
  18. bummers
    The Great GoogaMooga: Not So Great?There were some logistical snarls.
  19. bummers
    ‘Barstool Blackout’ Party at Roseland Ballroom Lacked a Key Element Sorry, kids. 
  20. shake shack
    The Shake Shack Shares Its Calorie CountsFile under: Things we didn’t ever want to know.
  21. bummers
    Aretha Franklin Diagnosed With CancerUgh.
  22. bummers
    Alan Moore Quits Damon Albarn OperaBoo.
  23. Cemetery Junction, Ricky Gervais’s Serious Movie, Going Straight to DVDSurely a disappointment for Gervais, especially seeing as it’s his first big foray out of comedy.
  24. bummers
    Supergrass Split!“Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years. We still love each other but, cliché notwithstanding, musical differences have led to us moving on.”
  25. bummers
    Christopher Mintz-Plasse Isn’t Interested in a McLovin MovieGuess he doesn’t care what the rest of the world is interested in.
  26. bummers
    Seriously, What’s Wrong With the Musical Brits?Now Elton John has fallen ill.
  27. bummers
    Musical Brits Dropping Like FliesWatch out, Ozzy!
  28. bummers
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Diagnosed With CancerBut he’s going to be okay.
  29. bummers
    The End of Days Draws Near As Hulu Plans to Start Charging Users in 2010Why are they bothering to nickel-and-dime us today when everyone already knows the world is going to end in 2012?
  30. obits
    Jay Bennett, R.I.P.Former Wilco member Jay Bennett, 45, died in his sleep from unknown causes on Sunday in Urbana, Illinois.
  31. bummers
    Report: Most Moviegoers Too Dumb to Enjoy State Of PlayTurns out people would rather see more Blarts.
  32. bummers
    Matthew Perry Lost Rumors DebunkedTurns out IMDb got punked.
  33. bummers
    Spinal Tap Tour to Be DullNo wigs and no electric guitars.
  34. bummers
    How Come Nobody Wants to Make Movies in Los Angeles Anymore?Only three big-budget movies will shoot in L.A. this year!
  35. lost
    Lost Takes a HolidayBad news: No new episode on March 11.
  36. bummers
    Alec Baldwin’s Pants Are on FireLooks like Meryl Streep won’t be guesting on ‘30 Rock’ after all.
  37. bummers
    Warner Bros. Slashes 800 JobsIt’s not all ice cream and kittens today.
  38. bummers
    Now There’s One Less Reason to Love L.A.The venerable hipster radio station Indie 103.1 just went off the air.
  39. bummers
    Broadway Investors Miss Jeremy PivenNot him, per se, but certainly his star power.
  40. bummers
    ABC Kills Three’Eli Stone,’ ‘Pushing Daisies,’ and ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ are probably not being renewed.
  41. Topshop Soho Remains in Sad Fantasy StagesThe opening has been delayed, but the situation looks worse than we thought.
  42. bummers
    Art Parade Canceled!Deitch Project’s Art Parade is canceled owing to tomorrow’s expected tropical storm.