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  1. Trump Dumps Obama Effort to Prevent Oil SpillsBoth the business and “populist” wings of the GOP support Trump’s heavy tilt toward oil and gas at the expense of the environment.
  2. Trump Says He’s Deliberately Refusing to Fill Hundreds of Top Agency JobsIt’s a strange — one might even say dumb — move for someone who has promised major changes in D.C.
  3. happy things
    Street Named for George Carlin Accidentally Includes a ChurchThanks to a clerical error that will take months to fix.
  4. the dark ages
    The Real Reason the Economy Isn’t RecoveringE-mail problems!
  5. politics
    Occupy Wall Street’s Candidate for Congress Blocked From BallotNathan Kleinman of Pennsylvania will be forced to run as a write-in.
  6. Mediavore
    City Agencies Work Hard to Crush the Spirit of Budding Food Entrepreneurs;Plus: Vegetarians not averse to gluten should consider it as a source of protein; and Coca-Cola brings back its polar bears, all in our morning news roundup.
  7. Health Concerns
    Bloomberg Vows to Ease Fines, Cut Red TapeNow this is a step in the right direction …
  8. Bureaucracy
    City Expands Program That Helps Restaurateurs Deal With the CityThe New Business Acceleration Team helps restaurants open.
  9. Health Concerns
    Red-Tape Relief: DOH Passes 80 Percent of Eateries, SLA Prunes Its HedgesA couple of our favorite bureaucratic agencies are patting themselves on the back today.
  10. Cartography
    Letter Grades for Food Carts?One city councilman wants carts to post inspection grades.
  11. bureaucracy
    Protest, and a Hunger Strike, Over Haitian Immigrant Deported 24 Years LaterNo explanation is being given for why Jean Montrevil, father of four, will be sent back to Haiti.