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Bus Ted

  1. busted
    Immortal Dick Cheney Replica Now Lives at the CapitolHis bust was unveiled in the Senate wing of the Capitol.
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    2 Chainz Learns That You Can’t Check Your Pot at the AirportSizzurp is also a no-go.
  3. bus-ted
    Yet Another Chinatown Bus Too Wild for the RoadLucky Star falls victim to the curse.
  4. bus-ted
    Another Chinatown Bus Company Taken Off the Road The DOT concluded that Ming An was an “imminent hazard to public safety.”
  5. busted
    Lindsay Lohan Is Too Sick to Go to Court, Well Enough to Go ShoppingTMZ caught her playing hooky.
  6. busted
    Justin Bieber Is Vaguely Sorry That You Saw Him Smoking PotOops.
  7. Busted
    Candy-Disguised Nose CandyBuzz and feed.
  8. bus-ted
    Feds Throw Chinatown Bus Operators Under the BusTwenty-six operators were closed this afternoon.
  9. Busted
    Fab Wine Dealer Accused of Faking ItChateau d’prison.
  10. Busted
    Waiter Busted for Wine HeistHe likes the good stuff.
  11. busted
    The Six Worst Excuses by Anti-Gay Public Figures Caught Doing (Allegedly) Gay ThingsFrom weight loss to fear of black people.
  12. busted
    Puerto Rican Lawmaker Resigns Over Weight-Loss PhotosThat was his terrible excuse, at least.
  13. busted
    Puerto Rican Lawmaker Gives the Best Excuse Ever for Naked Photos“You know I’ve been losing weight. As I shed that weight, I’ve been taking pictures.”
  14. busted
    Counterfeit Busts Necessary to Prevent Purse Parties in the SouthPeople are coming to Canal Street to shop from as far as the Carolinas, people!
  15. busted
    NYPD Cracks Down on 31 Canal Street Knockoff ShopsInterestingly enough, the presence of cops did not scare away the handbag whisperers. You know who we mean.
  16. busted
    Cops Confiscate $1 Million Worth of Drugs From Hippie Stoners at Phish Reunion ShowsThe cops were snatchin’ all sorts of crops in Virginia this weekend.