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  1. buzzkills
    This Sexy Photo Shoot Is Proof That Harry Potter Fandom Has Gone Too FarEnough, please.
  2. buzzkills
    NYPD Targets Beach Boozers in RockawaysDrink at your own risk. 
  3. booze news
    Your Weekend Brunch Binge Is IllegalTechnically, anyway.
  4. legal weed
    New Hampshire House Votes to Get GroovyBut governor promises to veto recreational pot.
  5. buzzkills
    Enough Top-Secret Characters, Hollywood, We’ve Been Khan-ed OutJust tell us who Benicio Del Toro is playing in Guardians of the Galaxy already.
  6. happy things
    Who Cares What That Homeless Man Did With the Boots a Cop Bought Him?Let’s not get all cynical about this.
  7. buzzkills
    Rider Strong Says He’s Not Involved in Boy Meets World SequelBye, dreams come true.
  8. buzzkills
    Four Loko Is Back, Without the CaffeineA lot less loko.
  9. booze news
    Today Is the Last Day for New York Stores to Stock Up on Four LokoAnd New Year’s is three weeks away!
  10. Booze News
    Four Loko to America: Fine, We’ll Take the Caffeine Out. Happy Now?Bro, seriously, bro. Don’t take my Four Loko, bro.
  11. buzzkills
    Bloomberg Places Restrictions on City ParadesThe mayor rains on … all of our parades.