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  1. recommended by experts
    Everything to Keep Your (Surprisingly Finicky) Cactus AliveThe expert-recommended pot, soil, fertilizer, and moisture meter for your sensitive succulent.
  2. best bets
    L.A.’s Cult Cactus Store, Fishy Soaps-on-Ropes, and a Graphic-Design BookstoreWhat’s new in New York stores.
  3. best bet
    You Can Now Wear Your Succulents on Your FingersWith the 13-piece Cactus de Cartier collection.
  4. Foodievents
    La Feria De Nopal Kicks Off Saturday, Now With More Ryan SeacrestYou can drink beer anytime, but when will you ever make your own cactus tortillas?
  5. heroes
    Superhero With Cactus Powers Vanquishes Old Smelly PuddleAnd also … ALL STENCHES, FOREVER?