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  1. global beauty
    The Strong Eyeliner and Nonchalant Beauty of CairoKeeping it cool.
  2. It Snowed in Cairo for the First Time in Over 100 YearsIs this a bad omen?
  3. The Sad Truth About Life After Revolution in EgyptFour months later, Egypt’s economy is struggling.
  4. Lara Logan: I Was Saved by Women in Tahrir SquareThe CBS News correspondent tells more of her awful story on ‘60 Minutes.’
  5. Tahrir Square Is Already Becoming a Tourist DestinationForget the pyramids.
  6. Nir Rosen Shows Us How Not to ApologizeNo matter what I say, I look like a jerk.”
  7. NYU Professor Resigns Over Tweets Critical of Lara LoganThose were pretty harsh.
  8. Lara Logan in ‘Remarkably Good Spirits’The CBS News reporter is set to be reunited with her children today after last week’s brutal attack.
  9. People Still Don’t Know Whether the Rumors Are True and Mubarak Has Slipped Quietly Into a ComaIt’s also unclear whether “a coma” is a euphemism for “Saudi Arabia.”
  10. Today in Egypt: Military Government Honors Peace Treaties; Protesters Rally for Civilian RuleAnd there are new protests in Algeria.
  11. Q&A With Ayman Mohyeldin, Al Jazeera English’s Correspondent in CairoI saw the military soldiers punching and beating and dragging and whipping …”
  12. Saudi King Abdullah to Obama: Don’t ‘Humiliate’ MubarakOops, too late.
  13. Mubarak’s Vice-President Tries Conspiracy Theories to Subvert ProtestersYeah, don’t think that’s gonna work.
  14. Cairo Erupts in Molotov Cocktails and SmokeAnti-Mubarak protesters clash violently with pro-Mubarak factions.
  15. Violence Erupts As Pro-Mubarak Supporters Flood Tahrir Square [Updated]Mubarak’s supporters came prepared for a confrontation.
  16. A Million Protesters Gather in Cairo As the U.S. Gives Up on Mubarak [Updated]The White House says there’s “no scenario” in which Mubarak can stay in power.
  17. There’s No Cell Service in Egypt Now, EitherBut Google’s offering a workaround solution.
  18. Egyptian Opposition Leader Calls for Mubarak’s Exit; Hillary Clinton Calls for ‘Orderly Transition’ [Updated]And looters have ripped the heads off of mummies.
  19. Mubarak Picks Vice-President; Egyptian Death Toll Rises [Updated]And protests in Yemen have begun.
  20. Egypt’s Mubarak Defies Calls to ResignCan the president hold on?
  21. Egypt Turns Off the Internet As Al Jazeera–Fueled Protests Rage [Updated]With Twitter down in Egypt, this is Al Jazeera’s moment.
  22. Obama in Cairo: ‘Let There Be No Doubt, Islam Is a Part of America’The president’s much-anticipated speech to the Muslim world called for an alliance and a new beginning.