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Californication: Must Be Nice

"This is the worst day of my life," says Hank Moody. But it’s a day that begins and ends with sex.

By Alexandra Peers

Californication: All Together Now

Three of the women Hank's sleeping with arrive on his doorstep early one morning, along with their husbands, children, stripper buddies, his agent, and Rick Springfield.

By Alexandra Peers

Make Up Just to Break Up: The Season Finale of Californication

'Le Petite Mort' proves a less than orgasmic season finale: Charlie realizes he may have made a grave error, Sonja gives birth, and a New York job offer prompts Karen and Hank to once again reevaluate their relationship.

By Kristal Hawkins

Californication: Less Sex, More Death

Mia celebrates the release of the book she stole from Hank, Becca learns what it is to love and lose, Charlie destroys his marriage, and Ashby atones for Hank's sins.

By Kristal Hawkins

What a Tease: Californication

'La Ronde' finds Marcy in treatment; Ashby, Charlie, Hank and Karen keeping (most of) their libidinal impulses in check; and 'Californication' getting all literary.

By Kristal Hawkins

Californication: Karen Gets in on the Act

"Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills" drags out Hank's anticipation of Janie Jones for yet another episode, but offers up her cleaning lady for a temp job.

By Kristal Hawkins