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Spitzer Wiretap Documents to Be Unsealed

A judge has ordered prosecutors to release sealed documents about wiretaps in the Eliot Spitzer scandal to the New York 'Times.'

By Jessica Pressler

Uma’s Mom Forgets She’s Supposed to Be a Buddhist

Birgitte 'Nena' Thurman was so 'horrified' to learn that they'd employed an Emperors Club hooker-booker at their upstate yoga center that she forgot all about the central tenets of her religion.

By Jessica Pressler

The Spitzer Scandal, Season Two

Eight months since its explosive premiere, our favorite show, the Spitzer Prostitution Scandal, is coming back.

By Jessica Pressler

Hooker Booker Gets Probation

Tanya Hollander, a former booker at the Emperors Club, has been sentenced to one year of probation.

By Jessica Pressler