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Campaign 2012

  1. Romney Grunt Leaks Worst Campaign Tell-All EverSenior adviser made joke he probably didn’t mean about subject he wasn’t responsible for.
  2. Commentary Editor John Podhoretz Has Awkward Postelection EpiphanyA slight change in the party line.
  3. Obama’s Voter Database Has Got to Be Worth SomethingBut what?
  4. The Romney Campaign Sure Had Some Bad Smartphone AppsIt never tested its final project, a failed vote counter.
  5. GOP Moderates Lost When They Nominated RomneyShould have let the crazies have their day.
  6. A Note of Sympathy for the RepublicansLosing sucks.
  7. Paul Ryan Says Obama Threatens ‘Judeo-Christian Values’ With Health Care PlanIt’s the contraception, stupid.
  8. The Case for Obama: Why He Is a Great President. Yes, Great.The case for reelection.
  9. The Case Against Romney: At Heart, He’s a Delusional One-PercenterHe represents the entitlement of the superrich to govern the country.
  10. Romney’s Nevada BluffHow to tell he’s not really winning.
  11. Paul Ryan: No, I Want to Help the Poor! Really!By taking away their health care and teaching them self-reliance.
  12. Romney Says He’s Winning — It’s a BluffThe “fake it till you make it” strategy.
  13. Heilemann on Charlie Rose: Romney Sheds Warmonger Image in DebateSometimes agreeing with Obama isn’t so bad.
  14. A November Loss Could Be Just What the GOP NeedsPanelists moderated by Frank Rich consider the options.
  15. Buzz Bissinger, the Consummate Swing VoterThis is who will decide the election, people.
  16. Obama Comes Off the Ropes in Debate Rematch, and Starts SluggingThe president strikes back.
  17. Did Liberal Hysteria Sink Obama?A theory about the debacle in Denver.
  18. Obama’s Town Hall Debate DilemmaIt’s not a debate!
  19. Would a Democratic Senate Stop President Romney?Probably not.
  20. How the 2012 Election Is Stacked for the GOPHint: The White House isn’t the only body up for election.
  21. Joe Biden Dispenses With the NicetiesI was wrong, wrong, wrong. Biden won.
  22. Lessons From Obama’s Debate ScareHe’s still clinging to a lead.
  23. The Tragedy of Moderate RepublicanismDenial is not just a river in one of those countries your party’s base would like to bomb.
  24. The First Debate Was Obama’s Best ChanceIt gets worse from here.
  25. Can Obama Discredit the New Romney?He’s so lovable!
  26. Would a Republican Candidate Lie About Taxes?Let us consult noted authority George W. Bush.
  27. Romney’s Successful Debate Plan: LyingHe avoided defending his unpopular positions by pretending they weren’t his positions. Smart!
  28. The Return of Massachusetts MittNot as one-sided as everybody says, but Romney is very good at this.
  29. Things to Do in Denver When You’re DeadPolitically speaking, that is.
  30. Paul Ryan Asked for Tax Math, Offers GibberishHe was told there would be no math.
  31. Study Measures Romney Plan to Screw Poor, SickHe’ll never convince them to take responsibility for their costly medical conditions.
  32. Frank Rich on Joy Behar: Debate ‘Mega-Boredom’Debate could spell “mega-boredom.”
  33. The Paul Ryan Legend DissipatesIt turns out he has a fatal weakness: being asked questions.
  34. Paul Ryan Simply Does Not Have the Time to Explain Mitt Romney’s Tax PlanAnd other highlights from today’s Fox News interview. 
  35. Whose Idea Was It to Nominate Romney, Anyway?Can America stand six more weeks of this?
  36. The Poetic Justice of Romney’s Self-ImmolationA confession and a gloat.
  37. How the Election Wasn’t BoughtAll the money in the world can’t buy back your 18- to 35-year-old independents in Columbus, Ohio.
  38. GOP Poll Denialists Totally Crazy, Not Totally WrongIt really sucks when your candidate is trailing.
  39. Heilemann on NOW: Romney Loss Wouldn’t Hurt Paul RyanOur own John Heilemann says he’ll be fine win or lose.
  40. Heilemann on Hardball: Bill Clinton Almost Like Obama Running MateYou now see him almost like a running mate if you look at the Obama ads.”
  41. A Peek Into the Fantasy World of the Persecuted RichIt seems Romney has come to believe his own bullshit.
  42. Should Romney Embrace George W. Bush?Can’t hurt! Wait — check that. It could actually hurt a huge amount.
  43. Mitt: Policy Details Equal ‘Take It or Leave It’A new reason to hide his proposals: Bipartisanship!
  44. Romney and Obama Face Off on 60 MinutesIf Gov. Romney is suggesting that we should start another war, he should say so.”
  45. Romney: What About Your Gaffes?A new slogan.
  46. The New-New-New Romney Campaign PlanIt’s shocking, revolutionary, unrecognizable!
  47. The Intellectual Roots of Romney’s 47 Percent RageYes, he believes this stuff.
  48. Drudge Tape Exposes Young Obama As NeoliberalThat means not extremely liberal, FYI.
  49. No, Romney’s 47 Percent Slam Wasn’t a PanderIncredibly, he was telling his donor what he didn’t want to hear.
  50. Mitt: Palestinians Are the 47 PercentA hopeful vision of the future.
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