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Campaign Fundraising

  1. Top GOP Donors Bemoan Trump at Elite SummitThey helped raise more than $1 billion for Romney in 2012. Now they are considering putting “country first, party second.”
  2. Trump Campaign Might Copy Sanders’s Small-Donor Fundraising StrategyMake America Great Again for Just $9.95.
  3. Will Trump Have to Go on a Fund-raising Binge If He Wins the GOP Nomination?A lot of people are saying he will. But there’s reason to think not. 
  4. Sanders Out-Raised Clinton in JanuaryFive million dollars more.
  5. Cory Booker Is Most Definitely Running for SenateAnd he’s holding a fund-raiser to prove it.
  6. A John Liu Fund-raiser Has Been Arrested on FraudThis is really not Liu’s day.
  7. Wall Street Still Gives More Cash to Obama Than to RepublicansThey wish they knew how to quit him.