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  1. cannes 2010
    Russell Crowe: Tea-Bagger, No, Press-Basher, Yes.Even though Robin Hood’s no-taxation stance is similar to that of a certain emerging political party, Crowe would like you to know that his Hood is no tea-bagger.
  2. miramax
    Weinsteins’ Miramax Deal to Be Announced at Cannes?According to Deadline’s Nikki Finke and Mike Fleming, the Weinstein brothers’ Ron Burkle–backed deal to retake the Miramax name and library back from Disney is complete.
  3. dr. doom
    Nouriel Roubini and Gillian Tett Might Go to Cannes Together This YearFinancial commentators are having their fifteen minutes.
  4. cannes
    Cannes Lineup Unveiled: Biutiful, Fair Game, and No Tree of LifeSee the lineup!
  5. cannes
    Robin Hood to Open CannesRidley Scott’s Russel Crowe–starring ‘Robin Hood’ will have the prestigious-ish honor of serving as opening-night curtain raiser.
  6. loose threads
    Marilyn Monroe’s Clothes to Be Auctioned; Marc’s 30th-Birthday Party for LorenzoAlso, photos of the first season of ‘Project Runway’ on Lifetime are out.
  7. chat room
    Asia Argento and Michele Civetta on Cannes Controversy and Porn-y New WorkWe called up the couple to find out what Argento would divulge about her Cannes jury experience.
  8. fashion yearbook
    Side Slits, Carine Roitfeld Abound at CannesSee what Carine, Peaches Geldof, Lily Cole, and more wore to the film festival.
  9. model tracker
    Critics Pan Lily Cole’s New MovieBut it’s not her fault it’s bad.
  10. best of the fest
    Cannes Jury Does Not Approve of the Crushing of GenitalsMaybe next time!
  11. cannes
    Cannes: The Awards OutlookThe main picks — and the contenders.
  12. loose threads
    Cassie Sees a Barber Every Three Days; Valentino Won’t Leave His YachtAlso, check out the inside of ‘Vogue’ editor Sally Singer’s New York home.
  13. party lines
    Kerry Washington on Cannes’s Scary Red CarpetStairs, people. STAIRS.
  14. cannes
    Inglourious Basterds: Boring?“He should perhaps go back to making cheerfully inventive outrageous films like ‘Kill Bill.’ Because Kill Adolf hasn’t worked out.”
  15. antichrist
    Antichrist Coming to a Theater Near YouIFC Films has bravely paid money for the American distribution, and they promise the version screened here will be the same one seen at Cannes on Sunday.
  16. fashion yearbook
    Trains, Jeggings, and Mariah Carey Come Out for the Cannes Film FestivalAnd, Eva Herzigova wore another see-through dress! See these and more looks from Cannes.
  17. look of the day
    Eva Herzigova’s Dark NightWas the makeup just right or a touch heavy-handed?
  18. cannes
    Cannes: Lars von Trier Vigorously Defends Antichrist’s Genital Mutilation“It’s the hand of God. And I am the best film director in the world. I’m not sure if God is the best God in the world.”
  19. cannes
    So What Happens to Willem Dafoe’s Genitals in Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist, Anyway?Warning: Read this post only if you want to cross your legs for the rest of the day.
  20. cannes
    Cannes: Visiting With Vincent Gallo and Francis Ford CoppolaCoppola: “It’s fun to go to the barber with Vincent.”
  21. canned
    Chanel Cruise Show Worse Threat to Cannes Than the Economy?Karl’s stealing celebrities away from the festival.
  22. cannes
    Cannes 2009: Your Questions AnsweredWho’s getting booed (first)? Who’s poised for a comeback?
  23. save the yacht owners
    The Cannes Film Festival Will Be Considerably Less Fabulous This YearFashion companies are pulling sponsorships like they’re going out of style.
  24. best of the fest
    2009 Cannes Film Festival Lineup Is Heavy on AuteursNew films from Ang Lee, Jane Campion, Michael Haneke, and others will be debuting here. Also, Quentin Tarantino!
  25. the industry
    Michael C. Hall, Rainn Wilson, and Sarah Silverman Are a FamilyPlus: Tristan Wilds is killing people again!
  26. loose threads
    An ‘Ugly Betty’ Musical Is in the Works!And they hope to use the original TV cast. Also Noémie Lenoir landed the cover of French ‘Vogue,’ and we figured out who Naomi Campbell was with in Cannes.
  27. the early-evening news
    Oprah Now 7 Percent Less OmnipotentPlus: Rooster McConaughey finally gets his own reality show, and Quentin Tarantino announces plans to make the fastest movie ever.
  28. gossipmonger
    Anna Wintour Treats Sean Avery Different From Other ‘Vogue’ InternsAlso, dish from Cannes, the Hamptons, and Kazakhstan, in our daily gossip roundup.
  29. run through
    Hamptons, Here We Don’t ComeWe’re cutting off short today for the three-day weekend, but don’t fret! Operations will resume as usual on Tuesday.
  30. the industry
    Punch-out! Mike Tyson Documentary Coming to TheatersPlus: Bow Wow joins ‘Entourage,’ Sam Neill joins ‘Crusoe,’ and Blake Lively’s brother joins the ‘24’ prequel.
  31. countdown
    Is ‘Che’ This Year’s ‘Southland Tales’?Last night’s Cannes premiere of Steven Soderbergh’s four-hour biopic of Che Guevara seems to have been something of a fiasco.
  32. loose threads
    Kate Moss: ‘Vogue’ Cover Girl? Sean Combs: Lying Low at Cannes?It looks like Kate Moss is gearing up for a ‘Vogue cover’ spot, and Sean Combs went solo to Cannes so film people take him seriously.
  33. fashion yearbook
    Cannes Fashion, Round Two: Madonna, Carine Roitfeld, and Dita Von TeeseCannes Film Festival rages on, which means there are oodles of fabulous and hideous dresses for us to blather about. And blather we shall.
  34. ranters and ravers
    Letters From Cannes: A.O. Scott Having Fun, Manohla Dargis Not So MuchDargis doesn’t like Clint Eastwood’s movie, doesn’t see James Gray’s, and God knows what she would think of the Macauley Culkin sex movie.
  35. quote machine
    Sam Waterston Can Barely Keep a Straight Face This TimePlus: Tarsem is totally keeping it simple for his next movie.
  36. run through
    Georgia Design Students Not That Upset by Galliano’s No-ShowAndré Leon Talley said it took two years of planning to get John Galliano to stop by the Savannah College of Art and Design, but the students didn’t expect him to show up anyway.
  37. you saw it here first
    Exclusive Clip: Christopher Zalla’s ‘Sangre de Mi Sangre’In Chris Zalla’s award-winning debut, Sangre de Mi Sangre, Pedro, a Mexican immigrant, travels to New York to meet his long-lost, reputedly successful father for the first time.
  38. run through
    Are Marc Jacobs and Jason Preston Back Together?Just when we thought Marc Jacobs had ended the Jason Preston chapter, he’s back in his arms! And Preston’s new Facebook status message might indicate they’re really back together!
  39. company town
    Will the Fallout From a Failed Hedge Fund Steal the Smile From Vikram Pandit’s Face?The Citigroup CEO struggles with a hedge fund that lost hundreds of millions of dollars, the White House claims NBC’s Knesset footage was edited to make Bush look like a jerk, and noogies are legally defined, all in our daily rundown of industry news.
  40. NewsFeed
    How to Frivolously Spend the Government’s MoneyMetromix suggests we blow our tax rebates in one fell swoop on an extravagantly priced meal.
  41. chat room
    ‘Sangre de Mi Sangre’ Director Christopher Zalla on Making New York Scary“When we were shooting in these conditions on this low budget, we would never have thought people would say this is too slick.”
  42. early and often
    Obama Likely to Clinch Delegate Count Tonight — and Then What?Today we are reminded, once again, that the race for the Democratic nomination hasn’t yet ended, as Kentucky and Oregon hold primaries for their mostly white residents.
  43. in other news
    Relive the Spitzer Scandal All Over Again on ‘Law & Order’Hookers, hypocrisy, and black socks reappear on television in tomorrow night’s season finale! Love that Dick Wolf.
  44. the take
    New Netflix Set-Top Device Makes Us Wish for MonopoliesAnother remote control? Kill us now.
  45. NewsFeed
    David Chang Muses on Vegas, Austin, and the Culinary World in GeneralDavid Chang discusses nearly every conceivable food-related subject in a series of video interviews at Big Think.
  46. first looks
    Kate Moss’s New Topshop Collection Is Better Than Her LastMoss and Topshop continue to improve, but we will never be down with shorts with a half-inch inseam.
  47. early and often
    Kathie Lee Gifford Tells a Nice Story About the Clinton MarriageWe could barely believe it! It even tugged at our heartstrings.
  48. apropos of nothing
    Jack Donaghy to Take the Reins at Random HouseWill Vintage editorial assistants be taught to repair Kindles?
  49. early and often
    Vito Won’t Run for ReelectionAnd we are actually surprised! He announces the news on his congressional Website.
  50. Mediavore
    The $175 Kobe Burger; Black Truffles in TroubleJunk-food-eating monkeys, why raw vegetables are not always best for you, inflation in food prices, and more, in our morning roundup of news and gossip.
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