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Capital Punishment

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    Texas’s Death-Penalty System Is a Travesty. Joseph Garcia Is Proof.The death penalty in America is marked by its racism and ineptitude. In Texas on Tuesday, a man will be killed in one of its more absurd applications.
  2. Francis’s Anti–Death Penalty Statement Raises Questions for U.S. ConservativesThe Pontiff officially puts the church at odds with Donald Trump and his party, along with some traditionalist Catholics on the Supreme Court.
  3. Kevin Williamson Won’t Tell Me What Should Happen to Women Who Have AbortionsAfter complaining no one will just ask him, I did. Williamson won’t answer plain questions.
  4. Arkansas Carries Out First Double Execution in Two DecadesThe state has been rushing to put inmates to death before its lethal-injection drug expires.
  5. Virginia Votes for Electric Chair As Last ResortGoing medieval to clear the backlog. 
  6. terror management theory
    Psychologists Analyzed a Big Collection of Condemned Inmates’ Last WordsA grim but fascinating exercise.
  7. Oklahoma Attorney General Asks to Stay All Executions After Glossip Drug Mix-upHe wants to investigate why two lethal-injection drugs were swapped.
  8. capital punishment
    Richard Glossip Granted Stay of Execution, But Not Because He May Be InnocentThere are questions about the legality of Oklahoma’s lethal-injection drugs.
  9. Is Oklahoma About to Execute an Innocent Man?Richard Glossip didn’t kill his boss, and the case against him relies on the testimony of the man who did.
  10. the law
    SCOTUS: Death-Row Inmates Must Pick Their PoisonIn an explosive 5-to-4 ruling, the Supreme Court upholds Oklahoma’s lethal-injection protocol. And Breyer invites a constitutional challenge to the death penalty.
  11. Utah Legislators Pass Bill That Makes Execution by Firing Squad LegalThe state is the only one that has used a firing squad for an execution in recent years.
  12. Utah Lawmaker Wants to Bring Back Firing SquadsPaul Ray argues that it’s a more “humane” method of execution.
  13. Photos: A Haunting Look at America’s Execution ChambersEven states that haven’t put anyone to death for decades tend to have a facility for doing so.
  14. Child-Killer’s Execution Delayed Over Organ DonationThe governor called it “uncharted territory for Ohio.”
  15. 500th Execution Puts Texas 390 Ahead of Any Other StateVirginia has executed 110 people, the second-most nationally.
  16. If Jesus Had Been on Trial in Virginia, Would He Have Gotten the Death Penalty?Considering Virginia is second only to Texas in the number of executions …
  17. Illinois Abolishes the Death PenaltyWill other states follow?
  18. Texas Prosecutors Use an Unusual Strategy to Protect the Death PenaltyThe rarely used say-nothing defense rears its head.
  19. Texas and the Death Penalty: Ur Doing It WrongTexas may rule the death penalty unconstitutional.
  20. DNA Tests Suggest Bush Denied Stay of Execution for Innocent ManThen-governor George W. Bush denied requests for DNA tests prior to the execution.
  21. Maybe a Triple Murder Death-Penalty Trial Is Not the Best Place to Ask for a DateMurder trial or middle school — one alternative juror got confused.
  22. These Prison Diaries May Be Used Against You in a Court of LawJoshua Komisarjevsky’s prison diaries were used as evidence in the Connecticut triple-murder trial.
  23. Candidates Leverage Death-Penalty Support for Triple Murder to Win VotesThree-quarters of registered voters support the death penalty for Steven Hayes.
  24. Jury Reaches Verdict in Connecticut Triple Murder CaseStephen J. Hayes will be eligible for the death penalty.
  25. Capital Punishment: The One Vote Justice Stevens Would Have ChangedHis vote on the death penalty.