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  1. car accidents
    The Affair’s Maura Tierney Was Hospitalized After Being Struck by CarLuckily she escaped with no major injuries and only a few paparazzi photos.
  2. accidents
    George Clooney Injured in Motorcycle Accident in ItalyThe actor was hit by a car on the island of Sardinia.
  3. accidents
    George Clooney Involved in Motorcycle Crash in ItalyThe actor was hit by a car on the island of Sardinia.
  4. twitterverse
    Amber Tamblyn Asks Twitter If Anyone Saw Her Almost Get Hit by a CarIf you did, please let her know.
  5. the industry
    Kill Bill Stunt Coordinator Says He Wasn’t Told About Uma Thurman Driving SceneKeith Adams says he was not “notified or consulted” about the stunt, which led to Uma Thurman’s on-set injury.
  6. standards and practices
    Riverdale’s KJ Apa Opens Up on His Car Accident: ‘It Was a Mistake on My Part’“I should have pulled over and gone to sleep instead of battling my way home.”
  7. whyy
    Justin Bieber Wants to Know Why This Paparazzo Was So Mean to HimThe photographer reportedly cursed at him after he hit a man with his car.
  8. car accidents
    Justin Bieber Hits Photographer With His Car Outside ChurchThe 57-year-old photographer was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
  9. win-wins
    A New App Gives Drivers Free Coffee If They Don’t Touch Their PhonesUsers in Japan get a coupon if their phone stays facedown and flat for 62 miles.
  10. Man Hit by a Taxi, Punched in Face by PassengerIf this is Uber’s idea of guerrilla marketing, it is dark.
  11. get well get well soon we want you to get well
    Dylan O’Brien Was Run Over By Car on Maze RunnerHe has suffered multiple broken bones.
  12. lawsuit
    Caitlyn Jenner Settles Lawsuit With the Family of Car-Crash VictimJenner’s conduct could not be proven “unreasonable.”
  13. 17-Year-Old Coming Home From Funeral Killed in Hit-and-Run in QueensNine accidents at this intersection have left people injured in 2015.
  14. Woman Dies After SUV Jumps Curb in Fort GreeneTwenty-two pedestrians have been killed in New York City since Halloween. 
  15. 3 Killed, 4 Injured After Driver Crashes Into Bronx Trick-Or-TreatersA 10-year-old girl was killed, as were two men who died pushing children out of the car’s path.
  16. 4 Dead After Car Crash at Oklahoma ParadeThree adults and one child were killed, and five people still remain in critical condition. The driver was arrested for a DUI.
  17. Why Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler Intentionally Broke Off His Rear-View MirrorOne man’s metaphor is another man’s moving violation.
  18. At Least 7 People Hurt After Drunk Driver Crashes Near Herald SquareShe had two crack pipes in her car when she rammed into a Forever 21 store.
  19. At Least 6 People Hurt When Truck Crashes Into Bed-Stuy DeliThe building seems to have gotten the worst of it.
  20. At Least Two Drivers Hit People With Their Cars and Fled the Scene This WeekendOne of the hit-and-run accidents killed a 13-year-old girl with Down syndrome.
  21. Girl Killed in Brooklyn by Driver Fleeing Another AccidentThe 9-year-old was leaving church.
  22. Pedestrian Seriously Injured by NYPD Cruiser on Upper West SideThe car struck the man near Broadway and 78th Street.
  23. Icy Roads Blamed for 32-Car Pileup on Gowanus ExpresswayThankfully, none of the injuries are life-threatening.
  24. Expectant Parents Die in Car Wreck on the Way to the HospitalThe baby survived.
  25. National Guard Truck Kills 82-Year-Old PedestrianThe accident occurred this afternoon in lower Manhattan.
  26. City to Be Sued Again for Shrugging at Pedestrian KillingsThe NYPD insists there’s no problem.
  27. Long Island Teen Crashes Car Into Neighbor’s Home, Police Won’t Charge HimSounds like a charming lad.
  28. Five Killed in Rollover Accident Near JFK AirportThe SUV was carrying eight people.
  29. NYPD Sued Over Failure to Investigate Cars Killing PeopleThe problematic Accident Investigations Squad gets a closer look.
  30. Three Car Pileup Near JFK Leaves Two DeadA cabbie and a passenger.
  31. Hitting Pedestrians With a Car Still Not Criminal in New York CityThe actor Michael McKean and two others were injured in a crash, but “no criminality was suspected.”
  32. Studies
    Fat People More Likely to Die in Car Crashes Than Skinny PeopleAs if diabetes, heart disease, impotence, and gout weren’t enough to worry about.
  33. NYPD Has Few Answers on Car AccidentsCity Council wants to know why drivers are so rarely charged in accidents.
  34. Yale-Harvard Game Tailgate Driver Was SoberNo charges have been filed.
  35. U-Haul Truck Slams Into Yale–Harvard TailgatersOne woman killed, two seriously injured.
  36. Crash
    Caffeine CrashAn update on the Frites N Meats truck, and a car crashes into a Starbucks.
  37. Crashed ‘Chinatown Bus’ Had Been Swerving Prior to AccidentPassengers say they didn’t feel a tractor-trailer hit them.
  38. A Survivor’s Gruesome Account of the Bronx Bus CrashI saw people split open.”
  39. Bus to Chinatown Overturns, Killing Fourteen PassengersThe accident has shut down traffic.
  40. Crime Scenes
    Cab Interrupts Dinner at Café HabanaAnd deer run wild through an upstate Wegmans.
  41. Crime Scenes
    When Cars Attack Restaurants: A Recent HistoryFive were injured when a cab plowed into the Bean this weekend. It’s not the only time diners have had to run for cover.
  42. How to Not Get Hit by a Car While Walking the Streets of New YorkWith some surprising conclusions.
  43. Teen Offers Worst-Ever Rationalization for Killing SomeoneThe thing that made me not feel so bad was she was old.”
  44. Jayson Williams Hospitalized After FDR CrashThe former Nets star may have been drinking before driving, police say.
  45. Studies
    Sweet, Life-giving Booze?A bizarre study indicates that alcohol might just save your life.
  46. the industry
    Danny McBride, Assistant EvildoerPlus: Car wrecks, Somalian pirates, and Dan Cortese.
  47. Times Square Sbarro Smashed Up in Sorcerer ShootWriting in tabloid-ese is exhausting.
  48. Will the Owner of a Black SUV Please Report to Rivera’s Grocery in Greenpoint?It would appear you’ve been double-parked.
  49. Bad Things
    China Chalet Van Jumps Curb, Kills Two SchoolchildrenAnother is critically injured.
  50. vulture lists
    10 Greatest Car Crashes in Movie HistoryWe did the research and have now untangled ourselves long enough from a fetal position on our sweat-soaked couch to bring you our findings.
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