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Watch Carl Reiner Sing Opera on ‘Conan’

Here's living comedy legend Carl Reiner making his opera singing debut on last night's Conan. Somebody's about to make a major career change at age 91.

By Bradford Evans

Watch Judd Apatow Interview Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks

Judd Apatow moderated a discussion between Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner in front of a live audience this afternoon, and here's video of the whole thing. It's all centered on Mel Brooks joining Twitter, which just happened today. The talk was the [...]

By Bradford Evans

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: ‘I Remember Me’ by Carl Reiner

Television pioneer and comedy mainstay Carl Reiner sparked the careers of numerous TV stars, created memorable sketches with his friend Mel Brooks, and raised a successful family. Now he’s written a book talking about it, and the autobiography, [...]

By Jenny Nelson

Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks Eat Dinner Together Every Night

"[Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks] have this nightly dinner that they do at Carl Reiner’s house and they’ve been doing it for some years. They get together every night and eat together and watch TV together in the living room, and a lot of people [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Adam Sandler to Remake Summer School

Adam Sandler's Happy Madison production company is set to remake 1987's Summer School, a Carl Reiner-directed comedy about a gym teacher stuck teaching English all summer long to a pack of "oddballs and rebels." Originally starring Mark Harmon, [...]

By Adam Frucci