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Carmen Sandiego

  1. trailer mix
    Carmen Sandiego Trailer: Gina Rodriguez Will Rob You NowShe’s a thief. But a cool thief!
  2. missing persons
    After Evading Public for Weeks, Melania Appears in Carmen Sandiego–Esque OutfitIt was her first official public event in 26 days.
  3. casting
    Get Gina Rodriguez a Giant Coat, She’s Doing a Live-Action Carmen Sandiego MovieRodriguez is also voicing Sandiego in an animated series for Netflix.
  4. last night on late night
    Kellyanne Conway Is the Carmen Sandiego No One’s Looking for on SNLA cunning strategy.
  5. voices
    Gina Rodriguez to Voice Carmen Sandiego in New Netflix SeriesA celebratory fedora is in order.
  6. Gamelife: Michael Clune’s New Gamer-Memoir ClassicAll those hours spent at the keyboard of a Commodore 64 or an Apple IIe, was any of it really fun?
  7. early and awesome
    Joe Biden Was on Carmen Sandiego in 1993 for Some ReasonHe called Special Agent Greg to let him know he won a crappy award.
  8. carmen sandiego
    Jennifer Lopez’s Carmen Sandiego Has Its WriterShrek Forever After’s Darren Lemke.
  9. casting
    Jennifer Lopez May Play Carmen SandiegoThe computer-game anti-heroine lives!