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  1. this week in drama
    This Week in Drama: Louise Linton, Caroline Kennedy, and a Controversial CakeWe recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for every week.
  2. let's go met
    Gisele and Some Football Player to Co-chair the Met GalaWe can’t exactly picture them in Comme des Garçons.
  3. Caroline Kennedy Finally Sworn In As Ambassador to JapanAfter years of speculation.
  4. The Senate Also Confirmed Caroline Kennedy As Ambassador to JapanAfter the shutdown vote.
  5. Caroline Kennedy Finally Nominated as Ambassador to JapanHooray!
  6. the most important people in the world
    Caroline Kennedy Is a Very Attentive JurorShe wants you to stop waving that photo, please. 
  7. the most important people in the world
    Caroline Kennedy Will Be Ambassador to JapanJapan it is.
  8. Today in ‘Caroline Kennedy May Be Named Ambassador to ______’Japan!
  9. Contents of ‘Explosive’ Jackie O. Tapes Under Debate [Update]JFK had an intern, so she had a movie star.
  10. Kennedy Daughter’s Stalker a Free ManI respect that lady from the bottom of my heart.”
  11. Way to Go, Caroline Kennedy, Now Everyone Is Dying to Know About the Time Joe Kennedy Touched a Boob While Thinking of HitlerThe grossest and cheesiest lines from thwarted miniseries ‘The Kennedys.’
  12. Kennedy Daughter Never Told Stalker, ‘Hey, Quit Being a Stalker’That’s all the stalker wanted to hear.
  13. New York Could Have Another Kennedy Senator YetKerry Kennedy, Andrew Cuomo’s ex-wife and daughter of RFK, is mulling a bid for office in the future.
  14. Elin Gets $750 Million in Tiger Woods Divorce [Updated]And Tiger’s not allowed to bring his ladies near the kids.
  15. Governor Paterson Off the Hook for Caroline Kennedy MessWell, actually, not really.
  16. Johnny Depp Is a Really Good TipperPlus, Seth Rogen is back on carbs, Katy Perry really loves pizza, and more need-to-know celebrity information for waiters (and everyone else), in our daily gossip roundup.
  17. Caroline Kennedy: I Didn’t Drop Out Because of KidsThe former contender to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate says it wasn’t an intervention by her kids that led her to step out of the race.
  18. Madonna Stole Rihanna’s BootsThis just seems unfair. Hasn’t she been through enough?
  19. Paterson-Kennedy Mess Not OverAnd yet it seems so long ago.
  20. Barack Obama: ConductorAt Ted Kennedy’s musical birthday salute last night at the Kennedy Center (natch), the president took on a new role
  21. How Did Paterson Get to 26 Percent Job Approval?A handy interactive chart.
  22. Paterson Feels First Heat of Kennedy RevengeOut of allegiance to Caroline, Charles O’Byrne won’t return to help his former boss.
  23. Caroline Kennedy Is Alive, But Stays Quiet on Senate ControversyBut she isn’t getting any Fashion Week invites.
  24. party report
    Celebs Imperiled at Armani PartyBoredom, PETA protesters, scary stairs: It was not a night for the faint of heart.
  25. Caroline Kennedy to Saturday Night Live?Spotted: Caroline Kennedy and Lorne Michaels, deep in conversation.
  26. Sulzberger’s New Girlfriend: ‘There Is Only One Woman in Arthur’s Life’The Gray Lady, duh!
  27. Reports: Paterson Either an Equivocator or a LiarThe ‘Times’ says ‘tomato.’ The ‘Post’ says ‘gimme a break.’
  28. Paterson Nixes Davos Trip As Poll Numbers DipAndrew Cuomo is gaining on the Guv.
  29. Caroline’s Reason: Don’t Believe Paterson’s PeopleThere really is a family issue — and it’s not the nanny, taxes, or marital discord.
  30. Is It Now Open Season on Caroline Kennedy?By leaving on a mysterious note, she’s bringing weeks of scrutiny upon herself.
  31. The Latest Theory: Caroline Pulls a GeithnerThat’s right, the old taxes-and-housekeepers thing.
  32. Not So Fast: Ted Kennedy Insiders Already Annoyed at CarolineEven the hint that she stepped down because of his health has gotten some people peeved.
  33. Kennedy Aide: It’s Personal, But Not About TeddyLet the wild speculation continue!
  34. early and often
    Why, Caroline? Why?! Pundits SpeculateUncle’s health? Saving face? Cold feet? Tell us!
  35. Caroline Kennedy Throws Media, Paterson Into a TizzyBut after a night of confusion, it looks like she’s out for real now.
  36. Caroline Kennedy Withdraws Senate BidBecause, you know, we were in a bidding war.
  37. Rivals: Caroline Kennedy Is ‘Certain’ Paterson PickBecause, let’s be honest, at this point it would be embarrassing if he didn’t.
  38. Lourdes Just Couldn’t Take the Fighting AnymoreShe wants mom and dad back together, and Little Malawi David probably does, too. Also, come on with Cin to the Fulton Fish Market! In the Ides of January gossip roundup!
  39. People Want Cuomo, But Think Caroline Will Get ItDavid Paterson has to be rocking his head in his arms over this.
  40. Andrew Cuomo Is Still In ItSuddenly, as Hillary’s confirmation draws nigh, the attorney general is everywhere.
  41. Kennedy Surpasses Paterson’s Low, Low ExpectationsSpeaking with Paterson did not eliminate her from contention. Well done!
  42. Paterson: Kennedy’s Inexperience ‘Not Helping Her’’Stop with all this gossip!’
  43. Sarah Palin Wants to Be Bitter About Caroline KennedyHoney, get in line.
  44. Chris Smith: Caroline’s Quiet ReboundShe stayed home to watch Paterson on TV today. She’s skipping Sharpton next week. And she’s lobbying behind the scenes.
  45. The Kennedy Mystique Still Failing to Sway New YorkersWe now want the guy from the other dynastic political family.
  46. Cuomo Aide Quietly Fighting on Boss’s BehalfEven though Cuomo said he was staying out of the competition for Hillary’s Senate seat.
  47. Really, Nobody on Mustique Will Miss the NoelsNot the first one, the second one … the whole gaggle! Plus, Caroline Kennedy sassed the press even when she was 6. In the gossip roundup.
  48. Caroline Kennedy Making Opponents (Yes, They Exist!) Feel SmallFor an elegant stick figure, she casts a big shadow.
  49. Officials Tell Press Paterson Is Leaning Toward CarolineBut he is “still looking”!
  50. Is Paterson Beginning to Crack?As the pressure continues to build, the Cuddle Gov retreats behind his armor of humor.
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