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Carriage Horses

  1. De Blasio’s Carriage-Horse Deal Goes to the Glue FactoryThe City Council was set to vote on it Friday. Nope.
  2. Carriage-Ban Compromise Not Everyone LikesThe bill was introduced to the City Council today, and everyone has an opinion.
  3. So This Might Be the Big Compromise on Carriage HorsesCity Council may introduce a new plan this week.
  4. City Hall Calls an Audible on Carriage HorsesMayor de Blasio is apparently trying to find a middle ground that would reduce the number of carriages and make a few tweaks to the industry. 
  5. Portraits of 9 New York City Carriage Drivers and Their HorsesWhy they say it’s a tradition worth preserving. 
  6. The Horse-Drawn-Carriage Ban Is Finally Going Before City CouncilMayor de Blasio said he’d tackle the issue on day one.
  7. Daily News Calls Mayor de Blasio an ‘Ass’ on Thursday’s CoverBecause he didn’t pick up their carriage-horse petitions in person.
  8. Carriage Horse Runs Loose in Central Park, Hits CabProviding more fodder for both sides of the carriage debate.
  9. Sketchy Horse-Drawn-Carriage Driver Isn’t Doing His Industry Any Favors He got caught trying to pass a sick, old horse off for a younger, healthy animal.
  10. Carriage Horse Freaks Out and Collapses As Humans Argue About Its Fate [Updated]A witness said the animal was spooked by a bus.
  11. De Blasio Says Carriage Horses and Police Horses Are Totally DifferentIt’s apples and oranges.”
  12. Carriage-Horse Battle Moves to Liam Neeson’s HomeThere’s probably more where that came from.
  13. Liam Neeson Says de Blasio Is on Wrong Side of Carriage-Horse ‘Class Issue’ At least he knows his enemy.
  14. De Blasio Still Plans to Ban Carriage Horses It’s complicated.
  15. Liam Neeson: Bill de Blasio Should Have ‘Manned Up,’ Visited Carriage HorsesAn unworthy foe for a guy who fought Batman.
  16. Horse in Midtown Decides It Hates Carrying Around TouristsAgain.
  17. A Carriage Horse Ran Four Blocks Through Midtown After Colliding With a Car It then “slowed to a stop right behind the cars and waited for the light.” 
  18. Central Park Horse Carriages Still Getting Everyone Worked UpThe industry is experiencing “unprecedented turmoil”.
  19. Another Carriage Horse Went DownThe Horse and Carriage Association has a simple explanation.
  20. Carriage Horse That Dropped Dead Had an UlcerAnd a cracked tooth.
  21. Mayor Bloomberg Was Not Moved by Dead Carriage Horse PhotoJust don’t let any tourists see it.
  22. The Saddest Horse Photo You’ll See All DayA carriage horse died yesterday.