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Carrie Bradshaw

  1. character study
    Sarah Jessica Parker Revives Carrie Bradshaw As a Beer-Brand AmbassadorStella Artois is the new Cosmo.
  2. satc forever
    12 Fashion People on the Sex and the City Looks They’re Still Obsessed WithIt’s all about the details.
  3. reading the signs
    The Real Meaning of Carrie Bradshaw’s TutuDancing around the transactional nature of love on SATC.
  4. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Insane Sex and the City Theory Just Changed EverythingSuch a Carrie thing to say.
  5. interview
    Everybody Is Wrong About Candace Bushnell If you think her new book is about Sex and the City, “you’re just cray-cray.”
  6. faux pas
    Chris Noth Called Carrie Bradshaw a WhoreJohn Corbett would never say something like that.
  7. look of the day
    Sarah Jessica Parker Channeled Her Inner CarrieStuds meet polka dots meet bubble-gum pink.
  8. origin stories
    Watch Carrie Meet Samantha for the First TimeIn season two of The Carrie Diaries.
  9. look of the day
    AnnaSophia Robb Mixes Patterns Like a ProThere’s nothing like learning from your own fictional character.
  10. look of the day
    AnnaSophia Robb Looked Like a Black-and-White Candy Cane StriperWould Carrie Bradshaw approve?
  11. reality check
    The Carrie Diaries Gets Carrie Bradshaw’s Backstory WrongShe was raised by her mom — not her dad!
  12. encounter
    This Man Is Re-Creating Carrie Bradshaw’s ClosetAs the fictional style icon returns to TV, costumer Eric Daman explains  his history with her.
  13. real estate
    Sex and the City House SoldFor more than $9 million.
  14. clickables
    See a Man’s Remarkable Transformation Into Carrie BradshawWhoa.
  15. Cupmudgeonism
    Catfight: Magnolia’s Carrie Cupcake vs. Crumbs’ Cosmo CupcakePlus, more on the Beverly Hills cupcake shop that will replace Gino.
  16. insults
    Hewlett-Packard Thinks It Needs to Sell Computers to Women As If They Were StilettosThe company will entice women with Manolos and mini-catwalks.
  17. photo op
    Mayor Bloomberg Always Did See Himself As a CarrieThe mayor realizes a long-held dream.
  18. in other news
    Being an Old Single Lady In New York Not So Bad, After AllA 101-year-old Murray Hill woman proves Carrie Bradshaw & Co. wrong.
  19. in other news
    ‘Sex and the City,’ Now and ThenNew York’s proto–sex columnist, ‘Playboy’ scribe and ‘Sex Tips for Girls’ author Cynthia Heimel, takes a look at the new ‘Sex and the City’ movie — and doesn’t like what she sees.
  20. in other news
    ‘Times’: Poor People Like ‘Sex and the City,’ TooBreaking: For many people, ‘Sex and the City’ is an escapist fantasy.
  21. in other news
    Sneak Previews of ‘Sex and the City’ Movie Get Us Kind of AflutterHey, ‘Sex and the City’ fans. We know you’re out there, prowling around for nuggets about Carrie and the girls like Lost fans panning for information about the Dharma Initiative. We’ve got your crack right here.
  22. company town
    Will the Fallout From a Failed Hedge Fund Steal the Smile From Vikram Pandit’s Face?The Citigroup CEO struggles with a hedge fund that lost hundreds of millions of dollars, the White House claims NBC’s Knesset footage was edited to make Bush look like a jerk, and noogies are legally defined, all in our daily rundown of industry news.
  23. cultural capital
    ‘Sex and the City’ Movie: We Know Who Dies (Updated)Cynthia Nixon says that in the upcoming movie, one of the characters dies. We think we know just who it is.