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  1. close reads
    Steven Universe: The Movie Is All About Doing the WorkLike the beloved series that precedes it, the movie is a beautiful, ambitious users’ manual for those learning to love themselves and others.
  2. sdcc 2019
    Cartoon Network’s Infinity Train Finally Has a Release DateGet on the crazy train August 5.
  3. appreciations
    Why Ice King Is Adventure Time’s Best CharacterHe wasn’t just an evil, crazy wizard.
  4. original video
    A Fashion Improvisation With the Stylish Minds of Three Busy DebrasWe invited the comedians over for a “fashion brunch” and asked them to improvise using clothes as prompts. Naturally, things got weird.
  5. change is inevitable
    PowerPuff Girls Introduces a Fourth Sister Who Was Supposedly There All AlongMeet Bliss, the long-lost older sister.
  6. anniversaries
    How Toonami Became an Anime Gateway for MillennialsBehind the animation block on its 20th anniversary.
  7. This Is What Makes Samurai Jack the Most Visually Audacious Show on TVVIDEO: “Remember David Carradine in Kung Fu?”
  8. Steven Universe Is the Queerest Animated Show on TVA radically progressive series that glides over gender boundaries.
  9. hurrah
    Adventure Time 8-Part Mini-series Coming JanuaryAdventure Time: Islands debuts on Cartoon Network on January 30.
  10. Adventure Time’s 9th Season Will Be Its LastNew episodes will air through 2018.
  11. r.i.p.
    Adult Swim Voice Actor Clay Martin Croker Dead at 54Croker was best known for playing Zorak and Moltar on Cartoon Network’s Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
  12. season renewals
    Powerpuff Girls Are a Go for Season TwoThey’re going to keep fighting crime! Duh.
  13. powerpuff girls
    First Look at The Powerpuff Girls RevivalThis day finally got interesting.
  14. returns
    Steven Universe Returns With a Whole World of Episodes (Okay, 5)Hooray!
  15. The Next Season of ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ Will Be Its LastGet ready for the end of an era on Adult Swim. In a press release today, the network revealed that the upcoming season of Dave Willis and Matt […]
  16. cartoon network
    Jeremy Scott Went Completely Looney Tunes for Moschino This SeasonEnlisting Sylvester, Daffy, and Bugs as his muses.
  17. across the streaming-verse
    What Is Expiring From Netflix on March 1?Dumb and Dumber, Pretty in Pink, and Romy and Michele, among others.
  18. tv nostalgia
    The Powerpuff Girls Will Be Back on Cartoon Network in 2016Adventure Time’s Nick Jennings will executive-produce.
  19. sing along!
    Here Are the Lyrics to ‘Too Many Cooks’ — Sing Along!It takes a lot to make a stew.
  20. Tom Scharpling Is Voicing the Dad on a Cartoon Network ShowComedian and Best Show on WFMU host Tom Scharpling has broken into voice acting. He’s playing a regular character on the new Cartoon Network […]
  21. Annoying Orange TV Show Will Teach Kids About Fruit and Yelling The webseries Annoying Orange is going to be made into a television show on Cartoon Network. Ha, I almost typed Annyong Orange, which would be […]
  22. The Annoying Orange to Become Annoying TV ShowHope you like “wassuuuuup” jokes.
  23. Kristen Wiig, Bugs Bunny & A Restraining Order Make Three In Looney Tunes […] It’s Kristen Wiig’s year; why not continue the winning streak by playing an emotionally tone-deaf lady rabbit? Wiig currently voices Bugs’ […]
  24. clickables
    Preview Nine Minutes of the New ThundercatsIt’s pretty good!
  25. Adult Swim’s Stoner Comedy RenaissanceSean Fennessey wrote a long profile of Adult Swim on its 10th anniversary for the LA Times, examining how it made a name for itself with […]
  26. Tim and Eric Chrimbus Special Brings a Needed Dose of Batshit Craziness to […] This Sunday, December 5th, the Tim and Eric Chrimbus Special will be airing on Adult Swim. Like everything Tim and Eric do, it promises to be […]
  27. weird al
    Finally: Weird Al to Make Another MovieHe’s writing and directing, but the movie’s protagonist will “most likely be teenage.”
  28. batty old folks
    Ted Turner Has Some Ideas for CNNMore China and more Captain Planet, please.
  29. chat room
    Andrew W.K. on Firing a Tank, Working With Kids“The kids don’t actually get to touch any of the explosives, because I guess they would die.”
  30. gimmicks
    Adult Swim Cues Up an Auto-Tune Hunger ForceThat’s right, get ready for a live-action episode of ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force.’
  31. chat room
    ‘Venture Bros.’ Creator Jackson Publick on Failure, Penis Anxiety, and Stephen Colbert“I was always interested in the rust that’s accumulated on the Space Age.”
  32. the industry
    Charlize Theron Makes Anti-Capitalist Agitation Hot AgainPlus industry news on David Duchovny, Scott Rudin, and A Thousand Splendid Suns.
  33. the industry
    Nicole Kidman, Actual Millionaire, Will ‘Marry a Millionaire’
  34. in other news
    And So the Boston ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ Crisis Comes to an End • Reimbursing city and state agencies for their costs in shutting down highways and bringing in bomb squads to remove the Aqua Teen Hunger Force advertisements placed throughout the Boston area Wednesday: $1 million • Donating to help fund homeland security and other programs in the area, in what is clearly a boy-are-we-sorry PR move by Turner Broadcasting: $1 million • Commissioning the advertising campaign in the first place: Cost unknown • Scaring the shit out of gullible chowder eaters for an afternoon: Priceless TBS, Interference to Pay $2 Million for Advertising Campaign That Caused Bomb Scare in Boston [AP via Yahoo]
  35. in other news
    Boston Cartoon Attack Was, Well, a GlitchSo those two hair-obsessed guys arrested in Boston for planting the Aqua Teen Hunger Force non-bombs that terrified New England? A bit of creative Googling reveals that both men — Sean Stevens, 28, and Peter Berdovsky, 27, who goes by “Zebbler” — are affiliated with a “live performing video force” called — and this is the sort of fun part — Glitch. Well, yes. We suspect that Turner Broadcasting, parent of Aqua Teen’s home, the Cartoon Network, sees this as quite the glitch. Which perhaps explains the whole thing: It’s all part of Time Warner, and Time Warner is trying to be more synergistic, and didn’t Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore just say her company needs to fail more? This, folks, is failure done right. Two Men Charged After Boston Security Scare [Reuters]