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Tom Scharpling Is Voicing the Dad on a Cartoon Network Show

Comedian and Best Show on WFMU host Tom Scharpling has broken into voice acting. He's playing a regular character on the new Cartoon Network Steven Universe, which premiered on Monday. The show follows a young boy working with a team of [...]

By Bradford Evans

Annoying Orange TV Show Will Teach Kids About Fruit and Yelling

The webseries Annoying Orange is going to be made into a television show on Cartoon Network. Ha, I almost typed Annyong Orange, which would be an incredible show. It would star Annyong from Arrested Development as an orange. Also starring Gob [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Adult Swim’s Stoner Comedy Renaissance

Sean Fennessey wrote a long profile of Adult Swim on its 10th anniversary for the LA Times, examining how it made a name for itself with "stoner comedy" and it's new live-action absurdity. Adult Swim has definitely become a cornerstone of the [...]

By Adam Frucci