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  1. collaboration station
    Ultra-Feminine Jewelry by a Hollywood StylistLeith Clark teamed up with Catbird for a capsule collection.
  2. lab rat
    A Shine Spray to Spruce Up Dull HairMermaid-approved.  
  3. lab rat
    Lab Rat: The Legend of the Tiny $1 Egg-White SoapBeauty lore from Sweden. 
  4. best bets
    Best Bet: Satomi Kawakita Emerald RingDelicate and unusual.
  5. talent scout
    Tsuyumi’s Luxe Winter Hats Meld Warmth and StyleThe Japan-based designer combines cashmere, wool, fur, and chunky yarns in her standout headwear.
  6. best bets
    Best Bet: Colored Enamel LocketsGlossy enamel replaces dated gold filigree.
  7. best bets
    Best Bet: Alphabet RingsDelicate sterling-silver rings made for stacking.
  8. best bets
    Best Bet: Chart Your TravelsThis hand-printed map comes with color-coded pins for marking where you’ve been.
  9. trendlet
    Slideshow: 22 Roughed-Up BaublesCheck out our favorite plucked-from-nature designs from Pamela Love, Anthropologie, Stone & Honey, and more.
  10. feathered fashion
    Wing It With Feathered Hair AccessoriesA sampling of party-ready feathered hair accessories, from subtle, tufted clips to bold, Kenley-esque headwear.
  11. in other news
    Hillary Buys ‘Post’ Endorsement — for a QuarterOnce upon a time, there was little doubt as to the Post’s opinion of Hillary Clinton. But questions arose when the Clintons reached their détente with Rupert Murdoch last year, and now, well, things are clear. This morning, the tabloid learned that Mrs. Clinton is a reader — and, better yet, a nonreader of the Daily News. “Like hundreds of thousands of other discerning New Yorkers,” gushed “Page Six” in reporting the news, “White House front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton buys The Post.” It’s not just the gleeful promotion of Hillary to the front-runner status that made us smile. And it’s not just the item’s headline (“The Right Choice,” which, placed over a decent photo, pretty much makes a free campaign poster). It’s mostly this: Can you believe they’re finally calling her a New Yorker? The Right Choice [NYP]