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  1. brett kavanaugh
    Kavanaugh Saga Uncomfortable for Catholics Amid Crisis Over Sexual AbuseCatholics bombarded with tales of a child sex abuse scandal can’t be happy with allegations of sexual assault by students at an elite Catholic school.
  2. the kavanaugh confirmation
    What You Need to Know About Kavanaugh’s ‘Abortion-Inducing Drugs’ CommentHarris and Clinton may have made a marginally misleading argument against Kavanaugh. But it pales beside the Big Con about his views on abortion.
  3. politics
    Is New York State Going to Have Its Own Clergy Sex-Abuse Scandal?New York’s attorney general is demanding records from Catholic leaders across the state. Is a sex-abuse scandal about to break?
  4. Archbishop Claims Pope Francis Was Complicit in Cardinal’s AbusesA controversial archbishop has alleged that Pope Francis and other Vatican officials covered up and enabled a cardinal’s sexual misconduct.
  5. predator priests
    What’s Next for the 1,000-Plus Victims of Catholic ‘Predator Priests’?Of 301 Catholic priests named in a shocking abuse report, just two are facing trial. A proposed bill could change that.
  6. women's rights
    Ireland Votes Overwhelmingly to Legalize AbortionOne of the world’s most restrictive abortion bans is no more, following a landslide vote for repeal in Ireland.
  7. Ireland Votes Overwhelmingly to Legalize AbortionOne of the world’s most restrictive abortion bans is no more, following a landslide vote for repeal in Ireland.
  8. religion
    Pope Francis Rules All Women Can Be Forgiven for AbortionsThe announcement comes weeks after Trump won the Catholic vote.
  9. reproductive wrongs
    Hospital Refused to Tie Woman’s Tubes Even Though Pregnancy Could Kill HerThe ACLU has filed a federal complaint on her behalf.
  10. women's health
    Michigan Hospital Refused to Treat a Woman’s Miscarriage on Religious PrinciplesAnd a Michigan court just ruled that the hospital won’t be held legally responsible.
  11. catholic church
    Pope Francis Says Catholic Church Marginalized Gays and Owes Them an ApologyHe was echoing a comment made by a German Cardinal following the Orlando gay club attack.
  12. Pope Says Gays Deserve an Apology From ChurchHe was echoing a comment made by a German cardinal following the Orlando gay-club attack.
  13. church and state
    Catholic Hospitals Must Offer Abortion ReferralsA new bill in Illinois seeks to preserve women’s reproductive rights.
  14. reproductive wrongs
    Catholic Hospitals Denying Emergency Repro CareSome miscarriages require medical intervention. A new report says hundreds of Catholic hospitals put women’s health at risk.
  15. things that were not very helpful
    Contraception Still Banned, Says Catholic ChurchThey’re doubling down in the face of Zika.
  16. Pope Francis Meets With Sex-Abuse Victims, Promises VigilanceSurvivor-group activists weren’t impressed.
  17. religion
    Pope Francis’s Revolution Has Left Out WomenIn both words and deeds, he supports reinforcing traditional gender roles within the Catholic Church. 
  18. Pope Francis Begins Trip to Cuba and U.S.Received as a hero in Havana for his role in improving U.S.-Cuban relations, the Latin American pontiff hopes to reenergize Cuba’s many Catholics.
  19. The Wily Political Strategy of Pope FrancisThe bipartisan pontiff likes to keep them guessing.
  20. How Pope Francis Is Reclaiming the Meaning of ‘Pro-Life’The pontiff’s climate encyclical invoked the religious — and even radical — origins of a term that had become distorted by politics
  21. Pope Says Choosing Pets Over Kids Makes Couples SadAt least after a lifetime of happiness.
  22. Catholics Get Double Helpings of Popes, Saints at Vatican Mass For the first time ever.
  23. Marxist Pope Francis Confiscates Another Bishop’s MansionIndirectly, of course.
  24. Cardinal Dolan Says Catholic Church Has Been ‘Out-Marketed’ on Gay Marriage It’s a tough battle.”
  25. Dolan Pushed to Defrock Abusive Priests, Protected Church Funds From VictimsNew documents shed light on his time in Milwaukee.
  26. Pope Francis Appoints Vatican Reform Board One without any legislative power, but it’s a start.
  27. Cardinal Dolan Scolds Church’s Marriage DefenseIt’s a tough sell.
  28. sex ed
    Boston College’s Anti-Condom Rule Makes No SenseThey don’t want people to get any ideas (as if they don’t already have them).
  29. Francis and Benedict Get Together for Pope-OffOr something like that.
  30. Pope Francis Did a Little PressHe asked reporters to “try to better understand the true nature of the Church.”
  31. Mother Guilts Son for Almost Becoming PopeArchbishop Timothy Dolan’s mom is pleased he didn’t win.
  32. Timothy Dolan Is Feeling DoughyIn the Italian sense.
  33. Vatican Installs World’s Most Watched Chimney for Papal ConclaveOne billion Catholics will be watching for that white puff of smoke.
  34. British Cardinal Apologizes for Those ‘Inappropriate Acts’Or, as he put it, “times that my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me.”
  35. Anti-Gay Cardinal Resigns Immediately After Gay RumorsBritain’s top cardinal will not be picking a new pope.
  36. New Scandal Emerges as Pope Does Final ServiceIt’s been a stressful week at the Vatican.
  37. Vatican Denies Gay Blackmail RumorsApparently it’s all just “gossip.”
  38. Vatican Rushing to Pick a New Pope by Easter It’s a big day for them, after all.
  39. adventures in sex
    My Boyfriend Went to Confession Every Time We Had SexNotes on four years of postcoital prayer.
  40. Leading N.Y. Catholic Blames Kids for Seducing Sex Abusers [Updated]He also calls Jerry Sandusky “this poor guy.”
  41. Cardinal Dolan Says Appearance at Republican National Convention Isn’t PoliticalIt’s just a coincidence that he’s suing Obama.
  42. Economist Digs Into U.S. Church’s FinancesAnd a huge business and charity empire.
  43. Catholic Church Lobbies Against Allowing More Sex Abuse SuitsCardinal Timothy Dolan: “It would be devastating for the life of the church.”
  44. Catholic Church Extinguishes Arts Community at St. Cecilia’s in GreenpointFather Jim is being shipped off to Afghanistan.
  45. Archbishop Timothy Dolan Defends His Halfhearted Fight Against Marriage Equality in New YorkWhatever, I didn’t want to have a say in this anyway.”
  46. Archbishop Timothy Dolan Has Been ‘a Little Down Recently’Wait, why?
  47. Daily News: Marriage-Equality Vote Not Until Weekend or LaterAnd the debate drags on.
  48. Archbishop Dolan: Allowing Gays to Marry Would Lead to ‘Orwellian’ FutureBecause in ‘1984,’ it was the government giving people too many rights that was the problem.
  49. Philadelphia Archdiocese Suspends 21 PriestsHallelujah?
  50. Archbishop Timothy Dolan Did Not Hide $130 Million to Avoid Paying Off Sex-Abuse Settlements, Says Archbishop Timothy DolanSome trouble from Milwaukee is following our guy.
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