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  1. causes
    Ivana Trump Apparently Wants to Combat Obesity in AmericaShe’s reportedly taking up Michelle Obama’s old cause.
  2. weddings!
    Do Your Part to Save Quickie Vegas WeddingsThis important American tradition is going extinct.
  3. gun control
    Why Gun Control Could Be Like Marriage EqualityOrganizers are following the same three-part plan.
  4. causes
    It’s Time for the Mani-Cam to DieIf ever there were a cause worth fighting for, this is it.
  5. Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan Speak from the Future […] 2015 seems really solid: there are plenty of turtaffes, boobs are finally considered gross by everybody, Arrested Development wins an Oscar […]
  6. causes
    Why Won’t Movies Let Taylor Kitsch Flex the Riggins Charm?Without full heart, can lose.
  7. causes
    R. Kelly Has Written 32 More Chapters of Trapped in the ClosetBut he needs money.
  8. clickables
    Consider the ‘Send M. Night Shyamalan Back to Film School’ CampaignThe choice is yours.
  9. clickables
    Meet the Homeless Man With the ‘Golden’ Radio-Ready VoiceHis name is Ted Williams.
  10. Causes
    Mission Pie Gives Back Through Workforce Training
  11. Causes
    Jake Gyllenhaal Now An Official Alice Waters AcolyteThe younger Gyllenhaal is committed to making more schoolyards edible.
  12. Causes
    Padma Gets With the School-Lunch ProgramRead her letter to Nancy Pelosi.
  13. causes
    Lauren Santo Domingo Helps End the Party for One Playboy DoctorParty boy: “I intend to fight these allegations vigorously.”
  14. Causes
    Tom Colicchio, Face of Gay MarriageHe’ll join Mayor Bloomberg and others in a new series of ads.