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  1. sunday funday
    CBS Evening News Anchor Jeff Glor Bags Two Surprise Sit-Downs With TrumpFormer CNN host Piers Morgan also scored an interview.
  2. Scott Pelley Has Reportedly Been Ousted From CBS Evening NewsSources say his office was cleaned out on Tuesday while he was away on assignment for 60 Minutes.
  3. Katie Couric Says Good-bye to CBS Evening NewsAfter nearly five years in the anchor chair.
  4. Katie Couric’s Last Interview on Evening News Will Be Hillary ClintonTonight’s Katie’s last night, and she’ll have the Secretary of State on to talk about Obama’s speech today and the changes in the Arab world.
  5. Katie Couric’s Evening News Executive Producer Jumps to ABC’s This WeekRick Kaplan has a new gig.
  6. Scott Pelley: ‘I Don’t Do Comedy’Lookin’ at you, BriWi.
  7. CBS: Scott Pelley Will Indeed Take Over for Katie Couric at Evening NewsThe switcheroo will take place June 6.
  8. It’s Official: Katie Couric Announces She’s Leaving CBS Evening NewsI am looking at a format that will allow me to engage in more multi-dimensional storytelling.”
  9. Times: Katie Couric Will Finally Announce She’s Ditching CBS Evening News This WeekAnd yep, it looks like Scott Pelley will replace her.
  10. TMZ: CBS News Chair Wants Scott Pelley for Evening News SeatJeff Fager wants the ‘60 Minutes’ vet to replace Katie Couric.
  11. ‘The Katie Couric Deal Will Be the Last Big Deal of That Kind Ever Done’That’s what Les Moonves says.
  12. Couric Could Return to Today?That’s what “Page Six” hears.
  13. Cronkite’s Voice Will Continue to Introduce CBS Evening NewsReversing a previous decision, the network has decided to continue to have a recording of the legendary anchorman’s voice introducing Katie Couric.