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Reggie Watts Shares His Super Bowl Picks on ‘The Late Late Show’

Reggie Watts is no stranger to sharing his picks for big sports events on The Late Late Show, and last night he was back with his latest picks for the Super Bowl. Despite not knowing which teams are even playing each other beforehand, Watts is [...]

By Megh Wright

Brian Stack Narrates ‘The Late Show’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Ever since The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premiered, I wondered how long it'd take until writer Brian Stack -- who joined Late Show after years of writing and performing on Conan -- would start getting some screen time on the show. Last [...]

By Megh Wright

Lily Tomlin Was an Expert Alibi Artist in High School

Here's a clip from Lily Tomlin and Seth MacFarlane's visit to last night's Late Late Show, where James Corden shows Tomlin's "Most Popular" photo from her high school yearbook, which leads to Tomlin revealing that she was so good at lying her [...]

By Megh Wright

CBS Reportedly Cancels ‘Mike & Molly’ After Six Seasons

Melissa McCarthy's job at CBS starring in Mike & Molly has come to an end. According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS has canceled Mike & Molly after six seasons. The news was revealed om Facebook by cast member Rondi Reed:

By Megh Wright