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Shelby Lynne Meets Dusty and Does Right by Her

Recorded in just five days, with only one original track, and based on a concept hatched by Barry Manilow, this Nashville refugee’s latest sounds like a stopgap at best — until you actually listen to it.

D.J. Conjures Beats From Genres You Should Know

When Jay-Z told us “you ain't got enough stamps in your passport to fuck with young H-O,” we shrugged; if the scrappy Montreal D.J. Ghislain Poirier were to make the same boast, we’d nod vigorously in agreement.

‘Odelay,’ the Best Album of 1996, Goes ‘Deluxe’

Before reinventing himself as a melancholy Scientologist, Beck Hansen proudly rap-sung about rocking the plastic like a man from the Catskills, passing the dutchie from coast to coast, and doing the hot-dog dance.

Kids play Steve Reich better than he can.

When a 1976 work became the obsession of a group at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, it was clear that New York had lost its exclusive on Steve Reich.