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What Vivica A. Fox Can’t Live Without

“Everyone who says I need to get an iPhone, I do not! I will be with friends, and they all say, ‘Give me that Samsung, it takes the best pictures.’”

By Vivica A. Fox

What Rebecca Makkai Can’t Live Without

“This anthology comes out once a year, and I look forward to it with the same fervor that I once looked forward to The Wizard of Oz on TV.”

By Rebecca Makkai

What André Aciman Can’t Live Without

“People don’t like to tell you they buy anything at Costco because it’s not chic, but you go at 10 a.m. on a weekday and all of Park Avenue is there.”

By André Aciman

What Molly Sims Can’t Live Without

“This is the model’s dirty little secret … We used to hoard it when we landed in Paris to bring back in our carry-ons.”

By Molly Sims

What Lauren Weisberger Can’t Live Without

“There are like 50 of them in my purse. I put them on crackers or even lick them straight from the packet, which is a bit gross, but delicious.”

By Lauren Weisberger

What Samantha Ronson Can’t Live Without

“They did help me quit smoking for six months — I must have a good, solid two pounds of splinters from these toothpicks in my system.”

By Samantha Ronson

What Rachel Kushner Can’t Live Without

“I am never without this lipstick, in number 438 (“Suzanne”), both wearing it, and pocketing it, and that’s the honest-to-God truth.”

By Rachel Kushner

What Ryan McGinley Can’t Live Without

“I have ordered many art pieces from Shari, an enforcer of goodness, over the years. I’ve also bought paintings of Jesus and Cher.”

By Ryan McGinley