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  1. white elephant
    The Strategist’s Celebrity Gift Exchange: Batsheva Hay’s TurnFollow the journey of the Queen Elizabeth figurine, see who wins a karaoke microphone, and find out who brought composting worms.
  2. celebrity shopping
    What Kristen Bell Can’t Live Without“EVERY time I wear this, I get compliments on my lips. Every. Single. time.”
  3. celebrity shopping
    What Dylan McDermott Can’t Live Without“Take your vitamin D, listen to Poison, and floss.”
  4. celebrity shopping
    What Aurélie Bidermann Can’t Live Without“One day I went to a drugstore on the Upper East Side, and I saw it there. It’s not that special anymore.”
  5. white elephant
    Something Special Is Happening for the Holidays at the StrategistThere’s no doubt you have plenty of holiday parties on your calendar, but we’re inviting you to one more.
  6. celebrity shopping
    Gift Card Sweep: How Ludo Lefebvre Would Spend $500 at Williams SonomaSpoiler: He went over the limit.
  7. celebrity shopping
    What Charlotte Tilbury Can’t Live Without“The one thing I will tell people who are using them: Remember to only ever roll upwards!”
  8. celebrity shopping
    What Jay McInerney Can’t Live Without“I think DJ Khaled recently tweeted something about them, which may be the beginning of the end.”
  9. celebrity shopping
    What Amanda Chantal Bacon Can’t Live Without“I probably make pancakes or waffles three times a week. I put raw butter or ghee on them, too.”
  10. celebrity shopping
    What Daniel Arsham of Snarkitecture Can’t Live Without“It’s very basic and utilitarian and yet kind of perfectly designed. With the newer ones they overthought things and messed it up.”
  11. celebrity shopping
    What Vanessa Traina Can’t Live Without“It’s like Murphy’s law: When I don’t have it, I inevitably will get my clothes dirty.”
  12. celebrity shopping
    What Jean Pigozzi Can’t Live Without“Pellegrino has the best bubbles. Perrier is too aggressive.”
  13. celebrity shopping
    What Eileen Fisher Can’t Live Without“It’s very plain. I like plain.”
  14. celebrity shopping
    What Carla Hall Can’t Live Without“I tell you, you are going to love it. It’s like you’re being swaddled.”
  15. celebrity shopping
    What Rebel Wilson Can’t Live Without“There’s nothing like hugging someone and having them say, ‘What are you wearing?’ And I don’t say, ‘HORNY COW,’ but it’s definitely working.”
  16. celebrity shopping
    What Out Editor-in-Chief Phillip Picardi Can’t Live Without“It’s been in my life longer than I’ve been with any man.”
  17. celebrity shopping
    What Bobbi Brown Can’t Live Without“You can’t spend a day in Gucci sneakers, but these you can wear all day.”
  18. celebrity shopping
    What Ellie Kemper Can’t Live Without“I found a shampoo that works!!!!!”
  19. celebrity shopping
    What Bridget Everett Can’t Live Without“You have to keep those ears clean so you can hear your dreams coming true.”
  20. celebrity shopping
    What An American Marriage Author Tayari Jones Can’t Live Without“I can cook an entire Thanksgiving in this one dish.”
  21. celebrity shopping
    What Sanaa Lathan Can’t Live Without“It’s the Rolls-Royce of mini-trampolines.”
  22. celebrity shopping
    What Gary Shteyngart Can’t Live Without“I don’t know how much it costs, $400, $500, a million?”
  23. celebrity shopping
    What R.O. Kwon Can’t Live Without“Face masks are moisturizing, skin-nourishing magic, and this particular mask is even more magic than most.”
  24. recommended by experts
    What Julia Turshen Can’t Cook WithoutIncluding her most durable food-storage containers, her go-to chef’s knife, and the kosher salt she swears by.
  25. celebrity shopping
    What Pachinko Author Min Jin Lee Can’t Live Without“My friends have seen me do a 180 and march right out of fascinating parties because my ears start ringing if there’s too much noise.”
  26. celebrity shopping
    What Lucy Liu Can’t Live Without“Would you believe I’d never had coffee in my life until about two years ago? Now I have it every morning.”
  27. underwear week
    What Spanx Founder Sara Blakely Can’t Live Without“I’m afraid to fly, so during every takeoff, I have to have a big bag of Cheez-Its. If I’m going down, I might as well be eating Cheez-Its.”
  28. celebrity shopping
    What Ronny Chieng Can’t Live Without“I was really disappointed to find out they actually sold it at Staples. That cheapened it.”
  29. celebrity shopping
    What Ronny Chieng Can’t Live Without“I was really disappointed to find out they actually sold it at Staples. That cheapened it.”
  30. celebrity shopping
    What Karlie Kloss Can’t Live Without“My mom always told me, ‘When you go to bed in matching pajamas, you sleep better’ and I think that’s always stuck with me.”
  31. celebrity shopping
    What Taran Killam Can’t Live Without“I’ve owned a pair of these since second grade (different sizes, obviously), and they’re the most comfortable shoes in the world.”
  32. celebrity shopping
    What Gillian Flynn Can’t Live Without“My husband always knows things are going badly with a book if I smell like a small child with bronchitis.”
  33. celebrity shopping
    What Vivica A. Fox Can’t Live Without“Everyone who says I need to get an iPhone, I do not! I will be with friends, and they all say, ‘Give me that Samsung, it takes the best pictures.’”
  34. celebrity shopping
    What Rebecca Makkai Can’t Live Without“This anthology comes out once a year, and I look forward to it with the same fervor that I once looked forward to The Wizard of Oz on TV.”
  35. celebrity shopping
    What Roxane Gay Can’t Live Without“I need options. I don’t want to wear variations on one outfit for five days. I’m not a Transformer.”
  36. celebrity shopping
    What Alexander Chee Can’t Live Without“How much of your chest hair do you want to show people when you’re out socially?”
  37. celebrity shopping
    What Libby Wadle of Madewell Can’t Live Without“I was a diehard who said I was never moving to natural deodorant because I don’t trust it. I’m telling you, this one is really good.”
  38. celebrity shopping
    What Dwyane Wade Can’t Live Without“The fanny pack is a game changer. You know, I really do understand why women carry purses.”
  39. celebrity shopping
    What André Aciman Can’t Live Without“People don’t like to tell you they buy anything at Costco because it’s not chic, but you go at 10 a.m. on a weekday and all of Park Avenue is there.”
  40. celebrity shopping
    What Lindsey Vonn Can’t Live Without“It’s a very deep love I have for my cordless vacuum.”
  41. celebrity shopping
    What Andrew Sean Greer Can’t Live Without“It pushes that last bit of air through the coffee beans, so you get those oils — it’s what makes the first sip so good.”
  42. celebrity shopping
    What Tituss Burgess Can’t Live Without“For those of us who are always dieting, it makes you feel like you’re cheating.”
  43. celebrity shopping
    What Tao Lin Can’t Live Without“This book I found in 2014 because I noticed that one of my teeth was turning black.”
  44. celebrity shopping
    What Eddie Huang Can’t Live Without“I stay at the Edition just to steal as much lotion as I can.”
  45. celebrity shopping
    What Molly Sims Can’t Live Without“This is the model’s dirty little secret … We used to hoard it when we landed in Paris to bring back in our carry-ons.”
  46. celebrity shopping
    What Lauren Weisberger Can’t Live Without“There are like 50 of them in my purse. I put them on crackers or even lick them straight from the packet, which is a bit gross, but delicious.”
  47. celebrity shopping
    What Goop Beauty Director Jean Godfrey-June Can’t Live Without“It looks like cocaine and after a few days of it, people will be like, What are using on your skin?”
  48. celebrity shopping
    What Todd Snyder Can’t Live Without“I think most guys’ hair gets better as the day gets on because it gets dirtier. This helps you fake it.”
  49. celebrity shopping
    What Lauren Groff Can’t Live Without“I eat my feelings. They taste most delicious in the form of dark-chocolate peanut-butter cups.”
  50. celebrity shopping
    What Franchesca Ramsey Can’t Live Without“When I see people wearing them on the street, I’m that person who will go up to them and say, ‘Yes, Uniqlo pants!’ I’m so happy for them!”
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