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  1. government shutdown
    Yet Again, Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over His Precious WallDemocrats aren’t in the mood to give Trump his border wall money, and are demanding concessions on Mueller and the 2020 Census.
  2. brett kavanaugh
    Kavanaugh’s First Vote Could Help Trump Rig the 2020 CensusThe White House is trying to escape court-ordered depositions about its handling of the Census. This week, Kavanaugh could stay those orders.
  3. census
    Memo Contradicts Ross’s Rationale For Adding Citizenship Question to CensusWilbur Ross insisted that he didn’t add the question to deliberately under-count immigrants, but rather, to protect black Americans’ voting rights.
  4. America Will Only Remain ‘Majority White’ If Blacks Remain an UnderclassTo say that Latinos will “become white” is to say that they will help fortify a racial caste system that subordinates African-Americans.
  5. data
    How Big Is the Transgender Population?Numbers are surprisingly hard to come by.
  6. trends
    Women! They Keep Not Having Kids: A Report From the Census BureauNearly half of all women between 15 and 44 don’t have kids. 
  7. People Still Eager to Move to Overcrowded, Ridiculously Expensive PlaceNew York City, of course.
  8. Dreary Census Data Show 1 in 2 Are Poor or Low-IncomeThe census findings paint a bleak picture for lower-income citizens.
  9. census sensibility
    New York Insists the Census Overlooked, Oh, About 50,000 PeopleWe want those people back!
  10. For Twenty Years Now, a Higher Percentage of New Yorkers Have Fled This State Than Have Residents of Any Other StateBut we keep having an insane amount of babies, so our population remains the same!
  11. New York Trumps L.A. in Diversity Thanks, in Part, to One Brooklyn NeighborhoodDyker Heights.
  12. ‘Will the Older Generation Pay for Educating a Younger Generation That Looks Less Like Itself?’The ‘Times’ is worried about all these minority babies.
  13. The Census Is the Most Exciting Thing to Ever Happen to Plato, MissouriIt’s the new population center of the United States.
  14. New York City Census Results Are In, Mayor Already QuibblingIn Queens, common sense says we didn’t go up by 1,000 people.”
  15. President Obama Just Lost Six Electoral VotesThe Census is anti-Obama.
  16. Sign o’ the Times: One in Seven Americans Lives in PovertyThe overall poverty rate climbed to 14.3 percent, the highest since 1994.
  17. GOP Infighting Over Fake Census Mailers Is Getting UncomfortableRepublican congressmen say the RNC is intentionally trying to deceive people.
  18. RNC Thinks Its Fake Census Mailer Has Nothing to Do With Law Banning Fake Census MailersThey really, really want to keep sending out fake Census mailers.
  19. Rich New Yorkers Don’t Want to Fill Out the Census EitherThe residents of some luxury apartment buildings were the worst at mailing back the Census.
  20. Williamsburg Thinks the Census Is, Like, MehHipsters and Jews both hate the census.
  21. Karl Rove Assures a Skittish Nation Not to Be Afraid of the CensusFor liberals, this is like the clown from ‘It’ telling you it’s okay to go to the circus.
  22. New Yorkers Have Better Things To Do Than Fill Out CensusNYC census participation way below the national average.
  23. tv
    Watch Christopher Walken’s Classic SNL Census SketchIt is, indeed, “definitely in the Top 500” comedy sketches about the U.S. census.
  24. Are You a Negro?The Census wants to know.
  25. Dead Census Worker Killed HimselfBill Sparkman was after the insurance money.
  26. Has Nancy Pelosi’s Fear of Political Violence Been Realized?A census worker is found hanged with the word “fed” scrawled across his chest.
  27. Bad News for Mr. Big: ‘Sex and the City’ Is Kind of RightWe hate to reinforce Sex and the City stereotypes almost as much as Chris Noth does, so it is with mixed feelings that we report the following: They’re kind of true. New York women are single, overeducated, creative, and moneyed, and there are new federal stats to prove it. According to an analysis of Census data, a New York woman is fourteen times more likely to be an actress than her average American counterpart; no easy feat, considering how heavily L.A. should be skewing the nationwide stats on that one. She’s also nine times more likely to be an author, a lawyer, or a judge. Only 45 percent of adult New York City women have ever been married (that proportion drops to 37 percent in Manhattan); the national average is 61 percent. And one more sub-trend that caught our eye: Married women in Manhattan have “much higher household income” but lower earnings than the singles. Ergo, when female New Yorkers do succumb to matrimony, they tend to marry up. Hello, Trey MacDougal. Women of New York City [Gotham Gazette] Big Regrets From Former Mr. Big [NYM]
  28. Only 7.96 Million Stories in the Naked City!A brief, noteworthy detail in those census-data stories: The city’s population, which hit an all-time high of 8,008,278 in 2000, fell to a mere 7,956,113 — a staggering decline of 52,165, or 0.65 percent. It must be all those fleeing Puerto Ricans. Latinos on the Rise in the City [NYDN] Earlier: Dominicans Like the Island Manhattan, Smoke on Your Pipe and Put That In