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  1. House Conservatives Finally Got Boehner’s ScalpThe Planned Parenthood videos brought down an unintended target.
  2. Ted Cruz’s Jew-centric Blueprint for Victory in 2016A time for Jews-ing.
  3. Why Do Republicans Defend Torture? The allegation that the Bush administration used torture had gone from outrageous smear to tired news without ever having passed through the stage of acceptable topic of discussion.
  4. The Long, Overdue Death of the Southern DemocratsBuilding your liberal party around America’s most conservative region never made sense.
  5. Republicans Back to Raising Taxes on the PoorBecause of immigration. It all makes sense, kind of.
  6. Why Didn’t Republicans See Obama’s Immigration Move Coming?Congress foiled by extremely predictable scheme.
  7. Republicans Hand Obama an Immigration Political TriumphWe shall not oppress a stranger, for we know the heart of a stranger — we were strangers once, too.”
  8. An Immigration Shutdown Is the Dumbest Idea the Republican Party Has Ever HadThe sharks-with-lasers of political strategies.
  9. Can Obama Trade Keystone for Something?Minimum-wage hike? Confirm a judge? Some leftover Chinese-delivery soy-sauce packets?
  10. China Tries to Save Earth; Republicans FuriousThey swore it could never happen.
  11. Yes, the Republican Obamacare Strategy Will Kill PeopleMan points out repealing Obamacare will kill him; conservatives enraged.
  12. The Democrats Have Two Choices Now: Gridlock or AnnihilationWell, that could have gone better.
  13. Republican Governors Just Might Save the Democratic SenateTrouble for incumbents in both parties.
  14. Republicans Trying to Woo, or at Least Suppress, Minority VoteWe’re trying to keep you from voting, but if you do vote, please choose us.
  15. Obama Environmental Plan Tainted by Association With EnvironmentalistsA modern Washington scandal.
  16. Ted Cruz’s Obamacare Nightmare Comes to LifeIt’s like a bad dream, if your bad dreams involve sick people getting to see a doctor.
  17. the national interest
    A Southern GOP Can’t Be the Party of LincolnAmerican politics in its natural historic state.
  18. Obama’s Climate Deal Doesn’t Need the SenateSomebody has to save the planet, and it won’t be Mitch McConnell.
  19. The Dreamers Have Destroyed the Republican Immigration StrategyMarco Rubio confronts young immigrants; chaos ensues.
  20. The Republican Party’s Geriatric TrapSocialism for the old, capitalism for the poor.
  21. Have House Republicans Extended the Economic Recovery Into 2016?When economic sabotage backfires.
  22. House Republicans Want President Hillary ClintonOr they’re just really dumb. Okay, it’s probably that.
  23. Ted Cruz Punks John Boehner Again, This Time on ImmigrationWorld’s saddest leader of a legislative body loses once more.
  24. Republicans Finally Admit Why They Really Hate ObamacareYou’ll never guess what it is.
  25. Do Democrats Need Hillary Clinton to Save Them in 2016? [Updated]Meet the new savior, same as the old savior.
  26. Why Republicans Love Taxing the PoorA tiny snag in the conservative reform plan.
  27. Republicans Warn of Secret Obamacare HereticsAnother healthy sign of intellectual vitality in the GOP.
  28. The Politics of Climate Change This Summer Will Be Worse Than Obamacare’sThe scientific consensus is stronger and more urgent than ever, while the political consensus is weaker than ever.
  29. Democrats and Republicans Disagree on Banning Donald SterlingDonald Sterling 2016.
  30. Paul’s GOP Hostile Takeover Gets More HostileAn audacious, heretofore successful plot meets its first resistance.
  31. Obama to Republicans: You’re Right, Let’s Expand the Earned Income Tax CreditPresidential budget trolling.
  32. How the GOP Sabotaged Marco Rubio, the Man Who Was Once Its SaviorRubio the rube.
  33. The Congressional Budget Office and the Bizarre, Partisan Jobs DebateSuddenly, the budget geeks matter.
  34. The Lonely Death of the Republican Health-Care PlanEverybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.
  35. Repeal Imaginary Obamacare Bailout, GOP InsistsOr else they will murder all the unicorns.
  36. How Democrats Can Force Republicans to Help the UnemployedRepublicans hate helping the jobless, but they do like giving cash to farmers.
  37. Republican Reformers Stop Being Polite to Tea Party, Start Getting RealOr sorta real, anyway. It’s a pretty big improvement.